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January Recap: All The Things!

January was BUSY!

I resigned from a few committees. I accepted a job.

I read 10 books. (Read along with me at Goodreads)

I produced three podcasts. (Listen and subscribe over here at Pages and Popcorn Podcast Website, Facebook, Twitter... Patreon!!!)

And ... I went to Hawaii with my sisters!

This was my first trip with my sisters and one of my one "vacations."

I mean... when I was a kid they called them "vacations" but what they really were was a 17-hour car ride to the middle of Utah to see family. So. No. Not a vacation.

The Maifan-San and I went to Tokyo and England... and they were great trips... but again... not super vacation /relaxing /restful etc sort of things.

This one? This one was relaxing and restful and I read books on the beach! And played in the water! And saw stars! And (begrudgingly) went on a hike! And saw whales! And ate a coconut! And went to a luau!

It was awesome.

There is no way February can top January... but with a visit from my mom scheduled, actually starting that new job, prepping for FogCon, producing even more podcasts, and hitting the one year anniversary of being healthy... well, February won't be half bad!