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Reread or Resist?

Mail Bag Post:

Do you reread books?

Usually, my mental conversation goes like this:

Hello, book I read ten years ago. I have a huge stack of books I have yet to read... but maybe instead, of reading those, I should dust you off and reread you!

I already know what happens!

And yet... I was a different person ten years ago. I was afraid of different things. I had different goals. I was sleeping with someone else. I was not yet a mother.

I wonder.

Perhaps I have changed, no wait, I know I have changed... have you?

Of course, you haven't changed. You are a static medium. But my impressions of you will have evolved. I have read so much more since I last held you. I have journeyed to new places and my eyes are wiser now.

Perhaps... perhaps you have new things to teach me?

But... could it be that I loved you because of who I was back then, and reading you today would deprive me of that comforting nostalgia?

Maybe it is better not to risk it.   

But maybe it is...

TLDR: Sometimes

Books I have intentionally reread despite the fact that I loved them the first time:

Handmaid's Tale
The Sparrow
To Kill a Mockingbird
History of Love
The Color Purple
Mists of Avalon

(I loved them all the second and third time as well.)

Once more into the breach....

We survived our summer!

(The trip was LONG).

Now I am officially the mother of a grade schooler... and thiiiiiis close to finishing my certificate for Copy Editing.

And... in case I didn't have enough commitments... I am on the Social Media Team for UUCF! And I will be teaching Sunday School again.

There are a few other groups/committees/boards/projects I am thinking about taking on.

Because who needs sleep when you have coffee?

Ok August.... Fall... 2018-19 school year... the Season of Saying Yes... Bring It On!