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Conversation with my Uber Driver

I'm in front of the Robert E Coyle Federal building in downtown Fresno. 
My Uber Driver is... not.

He (UD) calls me: 

UD: What intersection are you at? 
Me: O and Tulare 
UD: P? 
Me: No. O 
UD: Ok which one? 
Me: O, like octopus 
UD: Which intersection? 
Me: O and Tulare 
UD: Tulare and what? 
Me: O!!!! Like OH my god. 
UD: Oh. Ok. What side of the street are you on? 
Me: Well, that depends on where you are coming from 
UD: I'm coming from Tulare.
Me: Tulare and what? 
UD: Tulare and O 
Me: Umm I'm AT Tulare and O 
UD: Oh. I see you. 
Me: Where are you? 
UD: O and Tulare. 
Me: Ok. But like where, you can see me but I can't tell which one is you. Which side of the street are you on? 
UD: Depends on which direction you are facing.
/moment of silence/
Me: ... could you honk or something, this is getting ridiculous. 

VERY quiet ride home.

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