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August Posts

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Heroine Worship

What is a woman hero anyway?

Is she strong?

Is she driven?

Is she brave?


Is she hard and calloused?


Is she conventionally beautiful?


Is she gritty and dirty and rough around the edges?


But she can also be articulate, classy, and well bred.

A woman hero is a woman who acts like a hero... and that means sacrifice, speaking truth to power, heart, and acting like a role model.

At least that is what it means to me.

The point is... it's subjective. And it shouldn't be limited by what one man thinks. There are plenty of male heroes of all types. And there should be lots of heroines for little girls to look up to as well.

TLDR: James Cameron and his antiquated definition of women empowerment being limited and excluding the likes of Wonder Woman is pure misogynistic BS.

Patty Jenkins laid the smack down on him pretty hard as well.

Thank you Patty.

And for fun... here are a few of my favorite heroines. And yeah, one of these is my mom.

Ten Things You Should Know About Ashjian

Photo published for Ashjian’s sex education remarks spark a clash of views at Fresno school board meeting

1. Brooke Ashjian is president of the Fresno Unified School District Board

2. He has a history of being anti-LGBT including accusing a local LGBT organization of pimping him out... Yeah, it makes no sense to anyone else either.

3. There is a CA law that went into effective in 2016 that requires that middle and high schools teach unbiased and medically accurate sex education, including lessons on birth control and abortion.

4. Conservatives are not happy about this law... and in a recent interview Ashijan gave the following quote: “My biggest fear in teaching this – which we’re going to do it because it’s the law – but you have kids who are extremely moldable at this stage, and if you start telling them that LGBT is OK and that it’s a way of life, well maybe you just swayed the kid to go that way,” Ashjian said. “It’s so important for parents to teach these Judeo-Christian philosophies.”

5. Yeah. Not shockingly, Ashjian is a Trump supporter who also is on record for saying that the psychological ramifications of abortions are on par, if not worse, than the psychological fall out from being raped.  “There’s certainly a lot of psychological effects that come from abortion that people need to be aware of,” Ashjian said. “Your life is a lot easier by not doing it. Look at these poor girls who get raped and have to have an abortion. If that’s the way they’ve got to go, God bless them. But think of all the repercussions that come later in life, mental and psychological.” Source 

6. So... naturally the LGBT community came together to call for his resignation. Including EQCA and the HRC There is also a petition to remove him.

7. His reply was one word: "No"

8. Last night community members attended a five hour meeting where dozens of LGBT supporters and community members plead with the other board trustees to remove Ashjian. No decision was made. Coverage from the Fresno Bee. 

9. In a long strange statement Ashjian compared his plight of being called out to the suffering of the Armenian people by the Ottoman empire. For reals. It doesn't make any more sense if you watch it. 

10. Another lovely thing about Ashjian: apparently he doesn't see the local paper The Fresno Bee as a legit news organization... which is straight out of the the Trump playbook. “I don’t acknowledge The Fresno Bee as a legitimate news source.” Source 

The work is far from over. Rest assured, we won't stop calling for equality and safety for ALL FUSD students. 

Special Thanks to all those who attended and stayed at the meeting last night. No lack of chairs or AC will keep us silent. 

Resignation Acrostic Idea (aka The F U Trump letter)

Last week the entirety of the President's Committee On The Arts and Humanities resigned with a letter containing a now famous acrostic. (The first letter of each paragraph spells out RESIST)

Yesterday Daniel Kammen (State Department science envoy) followed the acrostic trend and resigned with a related message. This time: IMPEACH was the message readers found.

Since the acrostic resignation is sure to become even more widespread, I have helpfully created a "Fuck you" version for the rest of the White house staff and any GOPers who might grow a backbone and posted it on my Twitter profile. (Although it was originally posted in a comment thread and that is where most of the trolls have been showing themselves calling me ugly, fat, a bot (?), talking shit about my mom (!?), and all the usual not-at-all-creative insults from the Trump supporters.)

I'm a giver.

My little note has gotten a fair amount of attention on Twitter, but I know not everyone is on that platform... so here it is again.

For what it's worth: I wanted this job 
Unfortunately I can't stay here 
Considering how inept you are, I have made a decision 
Knowing this is for the best, I must resign. 

You have left me no choice. 
Obviously I'm not giving two weeks notice. 
Understand, it's not me. It's you.

It really could be used for so many situations.
You're welcome

Review: We Are Water / Lamb

I recently read "We Are Water" by Wally Lamb.

This book is huge in scope and page number. It is also heavy in terms of characters and subject matter.
I am so glad I read it.

The story is far reaching and profound full of unforgettable characters... almost too many, but thankfully Lamb skirts past that line time and time again. While the "off screen" aspects of the novel's actions (showcased often by flashbacks and the use of italics) could sometimes be overdone, on the whole I really enjoyed the highs and lows of the very complex and beautiful story.

The main characters are sympathetic although complex and the variety of supporting characters are given enough attention as to make them three dimensional in their own rights.

I will say that getting into a character's head can be a dark and uncomfortable thing and there was one character who's portion I had to skim with half closed eyes because of how disturbing I found his part of the story.  There is also a very well written and horrific scene of a baby dying that left me shaken and in need of a break despite the fact that I had known it was coming for over a hundred pages.

I think what sets this story apart from other long intertwined sagas is the attention to detail and Lamb's willingness to grapple with the character's motivations as opposed to simply letting us watch the drama unfold.

I'm not sure I will ever reread this book, but it was compelling and worth the word count.

TLDR: Not for the fain to heart or those needing Trigger Warnings: a saga story about how past trauma can really fudge up the present.

Back to school.... and the gym

Yes, it is that time again. Our social media is inundated with photos of adorable children posing next to walls, doors, gates, and signs holding backpacks, chalkboards, or lunch bags.

Back to school.

Image result for brace yourself back to school photos are coming

It's a rite of passage preparing us for the upcoming onslaught of kids in pumpkin patches... and then kids in holiday PJs.... and then posts about going back to the gym...

I have decided, because I am a giver, to combine a few things. You know, to save time and such.

So, yes, today was Kiddo's first day of Kinder...

zomg she is the cutest thing EVER

It is also the day I dust off my work out DVD (serious dust), find my hand weights, join Weight Watchers, and vow (again) to get serious about eating healthy and getting a decent amount of exercise.

Not cute, but sweaty and that's almost as important! 

My goals are simple... nothing says setting yourself up for disappointment like trying to have lofty goals you have never ever met before. This time I am aiming for more realistic goals.

Goal The First: Get back into wearing my size 8 clothes comfortably.  I can get into my size 8s..... mostly. And with only a bit of squeezing but there is always that risk that today will be the day when they won't fit. And some days they don't. I am far more comfy in my size 10s, but I have vastly more clothing in the size of 8 and thus, this goal is practical as well as vain. I want to be comfy in my size 8s. I do not want to have to buy more 10s.

Image result for michelle obama arms
One can dream though...
Goal the Second: I would like (some) muscle definition in my arms so that wearing sleeveless things doesn't make me cringe at the mirror. I don't need to go to the "gun show" but I would like a bit more tone.

Goal the Third: I would like my muffin top to be more of this:

Image result for mini muffin
MINI Muffin

Rather than this:

Image result for panera muffie
"Muffy"... All top, no bottom! 

I don't think that is too much to ask. Seems like kicking up my exercise a bit, making healthy choices regarding food,  and doing some weight training will get me there.

It's not like I am trying to turn into a super model... and I have finally moved past the number on the scale. It has been over a year since I have weighed myself.

Anyway, there you have it: First Day of School and New School Year Resolutions all in one post!

You're welcome!

Virginia State of Mind

What the hell.

What the HELL!?

I'm not going to go over it again, by now we all know that Nazis held a rally complete with torches, chanting KKK slogans, and surrounding a church, then another rally this time with a counter protest where one of their members killed a counter protester. Straight up murdered her.

This isn't the 60s. Trust me, I double checked.

This is now and it is disgusting.

Tonight I attended a vigil for Heather Heyer on the Fresno State Campus.

Before I went, I told someone about it... and the response of "Why would you go, it doesn't affect you?" made me sick.

I am so glad I went/
It was moving and important. We held space, sat in silence, sang and prayed together,.... we shared from out own lives and vowed to work to stamp out bigotry and fascism here in Fresno (starting with the removal of the current Fresno Board of Education president Brooke Ashjian after he went on record as a bigoted anti LGBT rights scumbag.)

As I left I couldn't help but think of the UU chant:

If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

Summer Wind Down / Where I Toot My Own Horn

I made a decision at the start of this summer that I am feeling darn proud of right about now.

I scheduled the crap out of us in June.
I scheduled us to be fairly busy in July.
I left the first two weeks of August TOTALLY EMPTY so we could recover and rest before school starts on the 14th.

It is working out great.

Kiddo did three different camps this summer, UU Chalice Camp, River Camp, and Zoo Camp. We hosted a mini family reunion (5 adults and 1 baby). We hosted another mini reunion (2 adults, 2 kids) There were also swim lessons, trips to the library, going to the Jungle Play place, going to the park, regular playdates, and an early summer slumber party.

And now we get to just lounge around for two weeks watching movies in our PJs and organizing the house for the start of school.

Kiddo has also read over 200 books this summer and done seven workbooks. So... yeah... we have earned ourselves some mindless movie watching!

Well done us!