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Announcement: GCV Closing Down

It became official yesterday.

We announced the closure of the Fresno LGBT Community Center and the impending disolving of Gay Central Valley as an organization.

Statement from the Board can be read here.

I am so sad that is has come to this. When I gave my notice back in June, I knew it would cause added workload and stress to the remaining 4 board members. I even knew that one member was probably going to leave after the summer... but I also knew of a community member who was interested in joining the board... and the board has been rebuilt in the past.

So, I was gobsmacked when not one, but TWO fellow board members quit earlier this month with no notice and no phase out plan. This legitimately left us with 3 people, 1 on the way out (me) and 1 quite possibly leaving as well.

I know people will think that we are shutting down due to funding. And while, yes, fundraising is a pain the ass and we have talked about if our money going toward the center every month couldn't possibly be better used to fund other projects... we have money and support. What we don't have is a leadership team. To run a nonprofit, you need a dedicated GROUP of people... a team of multiple people... it cannot rest solely on the shoulders of one or two individuals.

I am honestly feeling very guilty. If I hadn't quit, even if these other two had, we would still have a semi working team and could have possibly recruited more...

but then I remember that I am not being selfish to work toward my own goals. And I remember that my vision (while doing good now) is a limited time sort of thing. And I remember that Chris also has a medical issue and really needs to be stepping back for the sake of his eyes and health.

It is so frustrating but it couldn't be helped.

Lots of feelings tonight.

And I got my notice that I was accepted into UCSD's extension program... so going back to school is no longer a pipe dream; it is really happening.

Trying to focus on the future...

Happy Fourth!

However you celebrated the Fourth of July... I hope you had a good time.

For years, years, the Man has wanted to take the Kid to see fireworks.

And for years, years, I have dragged my feet because I am totally chicken and HATE fireworks.

Yeah, I know (intellectually) that they are really high up. I know they can't hurt me.


... I have no depth perception. None. So to my eyes/head/heart/self they are RIGHT HERE INT FRONT OF MY FACE ABOUT TO BURN ME!

Image result for fireworks


This year, he took her... and I stayed home with a really stupid movie and a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough.

The main character holding a tablet
like I said... reallllllly dumb..... 

I think I got he better end of the deal... no crowds! No praying over loudspeakers! no sunburning! No traffic!

And best of all... no fireworks!

They had fun too.