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Everything Old is New Again.

I have been 35 for a month now.

I made it through the holidays mostly intact and without gaining any weight (no small feat to be sure).

And now... it is the start of a new year and the start of my downhill slide to 40.

And like many birthdays and New Years Days in the past, I am considering my options and goals... and this year I am finding that I don't really like the plans I am formulating..

I don't feel like I can make a writing goal as I didn't meet the last several writing goals I set for myself and with my eyes being the way they are (glaucoma that ebbs and flows despite all the medication)

I don't feel like I can even make a "read X number of books" goal for the same reason.

The nonprofit that I have poured my time and energy into is going through some changes... and while those are good and necessary, I don't know how I fit into the organization anymore... and coupled with the frustration of not having reliable vision and eye energy to do things, I feel like maybe I should take even more steps back so that someone more qualified and with more energy can step forward.

And I have pretty much decided to stop trying to not bite my fingernails. I am 35 years old. I think I just need to let that one go. I bite my nails. It is gross and hurts my jaw... but I cannot seem to stop and you know what? I am tired of feeling guilty about failing.

Of course, there are still areas where I can set goals. Health /wellness, financial security, home projects, and of course Ella's ongoing education and empowerment.

And while I am excited about those goals and the benefits I will reap from meeting them, it is a very odd sensation to not be including writing or reading in my long term )or short term) plans.

I feel like part of my personality has splintered off and left this huge gaping hole.

Honestly, if I think about it too much I start to freak out and want to cry and stomp my feet and throw things.

But that's not really all that productive, is it?

And being productive... being a better steward of my time and energy... making good choices and modeling this for my daughter, these are part of my goals.

So I guess I will do something else.

I'm 35. I'm an adult.

And I don't really know who I am anymore. So here's to 2016 being the year I figure that out.

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