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Are you writing a novel this month?

I'm not.

But I am thinking about my novel.

A lot.

I have characters, plot, details, timelines... I guess it is time to plot it all out and write it all down.

Now... if I could only stand to read / work on the computer or longer than 20 minutes at a time...

Oh, right. you might not know. I have been having some serious vision issues lately. So... positive thoughts, please!

Eye Update

I left off on a good note... and then woke up with rainbows and lose of vision all over again.

Weeks later, so many many many trips to Kaiser, new meds, old meds, pills that are INSANE in terms of price, steroid drops that make me ill, and so much pain and aggravation later...

THIS is where we stand.

My eyes are getting better. The glaucoma is being caused by an inflammation. Despite all the tests (including a chest x-ray) they have no idea what is causing the inflammation. So... they can treat the symptom, but not the cause.

Also, the treatment isn't going as smooth as it should be.

So. Another two weeks on drops that make me sick, but no more drops that make my fingers and toes go numb. Two more weeks of blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and difficulty reading. But no more pills that cost an arm and a leg. (unless stuff, and then it all comes back... so yay for living in mild state of wary panic at all times... is that blurry too blurry or just a smudge on my glasses....)

Hopefully we will kick the crap out of the inflammation and they won't have to up the number of times I drop little bits of pain into my eyes from four times a day to (gulp) six or eight.

Since they don't know what is causing it, they will have to monitor me carefully to catch it if/when it comes back.

And now you know.