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Mother's Day

I am a mother now and the Mother's day thing has a whole new level of "love" attached to it.

In related new, super related actually, I am finally going to announce that the novel I m currently working on is called "Mother's Path"

Here is the tease:

Bard and his sister Seasong spent their childhood in a musty smelling VW van traveling the country with their gypsy mother until she, too ill to continue to care for them, sent them to live with their father in California’s rural central valley. Years later, they both struggle as adults to fit in. Seasong rejects convention and is a free spirited nomad while Bard attempts to find stability in middle class America. When a voice from the past calls them, they both must face what it truly means to be their mother’s children. Traveling with his sister on a road trip full of heartache and self discovery, Bard finds himself at a painful crossroads.

Happy Mother's Day!

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