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Knock Knock

Who's there?

Is it Amazon with my order of diapers?

I hope so. Ella goes through these things like they are toilet paper.

Oh. wait.


Who's there?

Is it Amazon with the delivery of our NEW STROLLER!!!????

I hope so. Our old one broke and our little umbrella stroller is about to be too small for her and doesn't work for grocery shopping.

Special thanks to my folks for helping us buy it for her in honor of her first birthday....


Who's there?

Is it Amazon with my order of party favors for Ella's first birthday party? I can't believe I am planning a first birthday party for her! Can she really be on the cusp of toddler-hood?

Oh. wait. She's walking like a pro, I guess she is pretty much a toddler now... /snif


Who's there?

Is it Amazon with my order of a wedding planning kit?

Because yes, we are planning our wedding.
Venue: check

Food: in process
Photographer: check
Dress: not for a few months....
Flowers: hmmm, Am I crafty enough to make my own with fake flowers?
Honeymoon: CHECK! booked and sorted and planned and OMG I'm so excited!

Wedding Website in case you are curious: HERE!


Who is it?

Is it my inner voice telling me to get off my arse and start actively working on my goals?

(Goals like: weight loss, getting into better shape, actually working on the copy-editing, doing more substantive writing, and keeping up with the To-do list....)

Why so it is.

Won't you please come in.....

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Bunkin Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Ella is adorable! She is walking so well. Where has the past year gone? They grow up so fast. I hope she likes her new stroller.