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Learning about Sensory Bins

I had read about sensory bins and how they make for hours of fun (and learning) for little ones.

But I had never seen one or done one.

Yesterday was awful. She's teething. She's still not used to the new place. Daddy is out of town. It's hot. Very hot. And there is something like 13 hours of awake time that has to be filled up.

Eating, while time consuming, only takes so long.

Ditto with bath time and such.

We take a morning walk most days; we go early before the worst of the heat and if we miss it, well that's even more time we have to entertain each other.

My point is that E-Fish and I spend a lot of time together in this apartment and it wears us both down.

Like yesterday with the 3.5 hours of fussy clingy no sleeping tired screaming baby.

It sucked.

After she went to bed last night, I revisited the whole sensory bin idea. I looked 'em up online. A few looked relatively easy but I don't have anything that would work as the bin part

Enter our morning trek to Target to get diapers and yogurt. I found, in the dollar section, this:

Hey! I thought, that could make a bin!

After our walk and our snack and with two hours to go until morning nap, I set it up outside.

Actually this photo was post-fun, but you get the idea

Towels, bin of water, random things that pour. Water.

Add baby

Instant fun!

She played for around half an hour. We got soaked. It was awesome.

Next time I'll change up the toys a bit (but having 4 seemed the tight number)...

...and I'll have a towel and dry clothes ready for when we are done.

I am going to eventually try the bin with cornmeal or oatmeal. Messy. But fun.

So hooray for trying new things!

And double hooray for happy baby.And happy mommy...

see how happy I look with my new bin!

(No photos of her during play as there was way too much water flying about)

PS: Our morning fun was made possible in part by the awesome blue canopy we now have in our backyard. Hooray for shade!!!!

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