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Quick Update and Movie Preview!

Hello blog world!

Things are pretty much just trucking along in Kay-land, although there are a few exciting things on the horizon such as a writer's conference!

Yay for FogCon!

Also, starting next week Ella and I will be hosting little J in the mornings while his mommy works. J is almost exactly a year older than Ella and I am really looking forward to the reminder of why having two kids under the age of two is probably not something we want to do... and also in helping Ella be more social. She talks a lot to the cat, but I think she will have more fun with J.

Also J'm mommy will watch Ella on Friday mornings giving me a few hours to work on the novel.. so yay!

Let's see, what else is new.... I have working out and trying to drop a few ponds before my sister's wedding.... and yeah, it still feel weird to type "my sister's wedding." I know she is older than I was when I got married, but yikes, she still seems so young! In my head she is still four years old.

Oy. now I sound like an old woman.

And now, for your bit of happy Monday fun...

I can't wait to see this movie!

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