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Show me.... your door!

Another Friday... another submission to the Show Me Project!

Last week we had Kitchens.... this week we have: Show me... your door!

My front door.

Exciting yes?

And the screen door that came with it…

… which locks but has such a big gap in the bottom I can’t comfortably just leave the front door open even if I was the type to do so.

Anyway, the most interested thing about my door is this bit of note still taped to the wall. The note said “Please knock and DO NOT ring the bell. Sleeping Baby!”

But since Ella doesn't seem to care about things like doorbells and the UPS and other delivery people took that sign as permission to gently whisper knock (seriously) and I kept missing deliveries even though I was sitting in the living room, I took down the sign.

Which brings me to the gate.

My gate is much more interesting.

It locks… and I really wanted to live in a locked community. (If you had as many stalkers as I have had, you might want locks too).)

However I never realized how annoying the locked gate can be.

Since there is no call box or anything I get the joy of coming out and unlocking the gate…

… when there is food delivery.

… package delivery.

… a visitor.

And that is fairly annoying considering that things always arrive right when the baby is comfy on the floor or the noodles are about to boil or my arms are full of laundry or the cat just puked or….


The gate is black and metal and gets really hot in the summer.

In fact I had a lovely burn on my upper inner thigh two summers ago from that gate… but that might be a story for another blog.

So there you go, my door/gate.

Feel free to link to your own Door submission below… and then come back next week for more of the Show Me Project! (next week we are doing “favorite view from anywhere in your home”)

Local Author Event in April!

Local Author Reading and Mingle

The Coffee Lounge (First and Gettysburg) -Fresno CA-

April 19th 7pm

Chance to meet and mingle with local authors
Rob Swart, James Tyner, and Kaylia Metcalfe

For more information contact the
Coffee Lounge


James Tyner will be promoting The Ghetto Exorcist, a chapbook of poetry. 
Although he still considers himself new to poetry, James Tyner has won several awards for his writing, has appeared in numerous literary journals, and has been in three anthologies of poetry. Of mixed ethnicity, his work is often about the tough neighborhoods he grew up in. 

For more information about James: click here.


Rob Swart will be promoting Victor and Tristan, a fantasy novel with a distinct philosophical bent, a literary edge, and a dragon. 
Rob is an impoverished writer of fantasy and redundant phrases. 

For more information about Rob: click here.


Kaylia Metcalfe will be promoting Links, a collection which includes contemporary, literary, and speculative fiction short stories. 

Kaylia is a community organizer, blogger, free lance writer, and new mother. Her work has appeared in journals, print and web media, and she is currently working on her first novel. 

For more information about Kaylia... wait, you are already on her site! Feel free to poke around!

Things Fall Apart

The titan of African literature, Chinua Achebe, has died at the age of 82. We know him as the writer of Things Fall Apart (although that was only his first book).

I read Things Fall Apart as part of my 501 Project / Goal.

But then I didn't write about it. I have no idea why. I remember reading it, I remember typing about it... I even remember a few turns of phrase that I used... but I can't seem to find a blog post about it anywhere... so let's blame internet gnomes and move on.

I really liked Things Fall Apart. It was a relatively quick read but it packed a wallop of an emotional punch. Published in the late 50s (and thus at the end of British colonial expansion) it tells the story of British colonial expansion in Nigeria through the eyes of not the colonist, but the African people who get colonized, namely a tribal leader named Okonkwo.

Not only is it a gripping foray into a part of history and a population that is often overlooked in both literature and politcs, but the story itself is well told and full of fascinating characters. 

Yes the book is significant because it humanizes the plight of the African people, but it is more than that... this glimps into the lives of the tribal people is at once a history lesson and a reminder that there are such things as universal human emotions: love, fear, greed, hope.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Read it for its cultural significance, read it for its well crafted pose, read it for the history lesson... but read it.

Ella at Six Months

Six months!

Snapshot of your life at six months.

You sleep through the night about half the time... the other half you wake up around 330 and want to eat and then go back to sleep.

You wake up between 6 and 7 in the mornings and usually in a really great mood.

We breastfeed once a day, usually first thing in the morning.

You have four bottles a day and usually have some fruit and some veggies too.

You eat: apples, bananas, peaches (you love peaches), and pears. You also eat carrots (not a big fan), green beans, sweet potato, squash and peas (you love the squash and peas).

You try to nom on anything I am eating... or my fingers.

You love to sit up and can play for a long time by yourself when you want to.

You roll from tummy to back... but not the other way around.

You go from sitting up to tummy to back.. and then you get upset becuase you hate being on your back.

You just started to scoot yourself along on your bottom.

You can pull your toy box over and get to your toys.

You like going for walks and have only recently started to protest the sunglasses and hat.

You can grab, pass from hand to hand,and mouth anything and everything. You also like to let your toys dangle out of your mouth like a puppy.

You love to smile and laugh and are ticklish. you love dancing, peek a boo, and patty cake.

One day a week the neighbor boy Jarom comes and plays with you (well, he plays with me and you like to watch and squeal). One day a week you go to Jarom's house and play with his mommy.

You also like to flap your arms and squeal at the cat. I just know you are going to pounce on her one of these days.

I sing the following song to you every day when I put you down for your naps:

Mommy loves the baby Ella
Loves that baby all the day
When she's happy
when she's sad
When she's poopy
When she's mad
Mommy loves the baby Ella all the day.

And it's true. You drive me nuts with the whining, but I love you and I am so glad you are here!

And here are a few recent photos!

I am so excited about what the next six months are going to have in store for us!

Show Me... Your Kitchen!

It's that time again... Friday is "Show Me" day 'round these parts!

Thank you to everyone who participated last week!

This week's assignment: Kitchen... or something pertaining to the kitchen.

I don't love our kitchen. I don't hate it, it is fine, but it is relatively normal. and nothing all that special.

What I love are the things in my kitchen... and a few things kitchen adjacent.

Like this: the Cupboard of Potential!

Let's look inside! On the top shelf we have my cookbooks.
Now, I don't use them as much as I should (hooray for google) but I do try to use them and I really like knowing that they are there.

On the bottom shelf we have specialty appliances... the crock pot, the cake pop maker, the waffle iron, and the party coffee pot. These things get used different amounts of time each month, but I do make use of them regularly and I love having them!

In the kithcen we have my bread machine.

Which I use on a more seldom basis, but my rosemary bread gets high praise so hooray for the bread machine! I really should be using it more....

Lastly we have my absolute favorite thing of all.

The one

The only

The Personal Coffee Maker!

This baby makes one (very large) cup of coffee at a time in under 2 minutes flat. It is a cinch to clean and yes I use it every single morning.

I love it.

The red light means that in the time it takes me to eat a banana, there will be coffee!!!!!!!!

So there you have it... my favorite things about my kitchen: my modern appliances! Yeah, I love my dishwasher, my microwave, my popcorn popper, and my toaster. But I ADORE my coffee maker.

Can't wait to see everyone else's submissions! 
Feel free to lin below... and then come back next week for "Show me...your door!" (Front, back, side, office... you get the idea.)

For the breakdown of what the heck the Show Me Project is, click here!

Show me.... sentimental object!

It's that time again... time for the Show Me Project!

This week: Show me... an object of sentimental value.

For me that's my engagement ring.

Matthew proposed to me on April 13th of last year.

In Santa Cruz

He took me to a bluff overlooking the beach and the Boardwalk and talkedabout how much he loved the Friday nights we spent down there listening to music and relaxing. He said that he wanted to spend all the Friday nights of his life with me.


We had talked about getting married and starting a family... for various reasons the family starting part had to happen a bit earlier than we had anticipated, so I was four months pregnant when the proposal came.

I asked him as I was writing this what his object of sentimental value would be... and he said his engagement ring....

Yes, he has one too. 

The baby was born right around our 5 year anniversary and I have a feeling that the wedding will be right around our seven year anniversary... yeah, we aren't traditional, but we are very much in love and I LOVE my ring for all that it symbolizes.

Hooray love


If you want to take part in this week's Show Me.... please add your info below

... and click here to see the assignment for next week!

I'm a little hamster running on a wheel.....


In the last four days…

I was full of excitement and apprehension and had a panic manic moment during packing.
I was frightened half out of my wits… to the point of near hysteria. Now we know that a)I can scream pretty loudly when I need to and b)my flight or fight is illustrated by fight then flight.
Long car drive
Horrible night’s sleep due to Ella being all thrown off and waking up every 2 hours.
Awesome panels at FogCon!
Rediscovering Twitter
More awesome panels at FogCon
Got boo-ed for making a unpopular statement
Met some fascinating people
Had another horrible night’s sleep due to hotel neighbors, their parties/music/sobbing
Insanely busy day with more awesome panel discussions
Absolutely wonderful awesome perfect workshop experience
Missed the baby
Fancy dinner
Met more big wigs and had very nifty conversations
Slept like a log
Panic rush to get to panel on time
Heard my unpopular statement spouted by a panelist and was surprised to see people clap.
Was hugely inspired by the conference…. Can’t wait to dive back into writing!
Found out someone close to me is losing a baby
Found out someone close to me has stage four lung cancer
Read that an acquaintance’s child died over the weekend.
Another long car drive
Met college friends of Matthew’s
Met newest nephew, baby Shay.
Held baby Shay and was amazed at how little and light he is!
Baby proofed the living room

There's more, that's just the highlights.

This morning I babysat the neighbor boy. Ella loved having company!

This afternoon, more babysitting of little J
Then prep for tonight’s board meeting
And prep for tomorrow night’s Pinot event
And try to finish article due on 15th.

I’m exhausted. I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster for days now (because I have) and that there is no end in sight.

Show me.... Your Mailbox!

Today is the 2nd week of the Show Me Project!

Last week we did "Show me... your table" and we had submissions from

Country Bumkin Mama

Thank you ladies!

This week the topic for the vlog or photo essay or whatnot is: "Show me.. your mailbox!"

So, here;s my submission!

My mailbox is one of many in a little set near our gate.

Every day, weather permitting, Ella and I take a walk outside and check to see what's there!

Of course, I make her wear her sunglasses when we go outside.

Because I'm "that" mommy.

Anyway, a lot of times it is just junk, but those junk mail ads are usually pretty bright and colorful which makes them perfect things to look at with Ella.

We also get to practice our "look but don't touch" skill as they are totally gross.

And that is our mailbox!

Want to join in the fun? Submit your vlog or photo essay in the widget below and click here to see next week's topic!

March Article in Community Alliance

My March article for Fresno's Community Alliance is available online!

Here's the teaser....

Studies Prove: Knowing More Than Other People Makes You Happy!

OK, I’ll admit it. I skim.

I see headlines, I nod along if I agree, shake my head if I don’t and many times move on to the next sensational headline in my Facebook newsfeed. (Or, as the case may be, the next photo of someone’s baby/cat/lunch.)

“Gay and Bi Men Are Happier Than Straight Dudes” Sure, I think, why not? 


I'm packing for FogCon.

The Maifan-San and Ella will be joining me... which means that we drive there tonight after she is asleep... bet there on Friday, Saturday, most of Sunday, and then back in the car to drive home.

So, a long weekend, in a hotel, at a writer's conference, with my family.

I am at once terrified and excited and nervous and stoked!

But let me just take a second here to point out that traveling with the baby is a Whole New Level of packing.

Thankfully, I pride myself on being organized, but sheesh. This is quite the process.

Clothes, extra outfits, diapers, wipes, special blankets, special sound makers, bath stuff, feeding stuff, toys, nap stuff, bed stuff, emergency stuff...

And that's just for her.

Wish me luck!

(and don't worry, my Show Me submission will post tomorrow morning at 8 am!)

Bay Lights

Bay Lights Grand Lighting Promo from The Bay Lights on Vimeo.

Very cool work of art.

I probably won't tune in at 8:30 tonight as I will be recovering from bedtime with Ella and hopefully hanging out with some lovely girlfriends... but I can't wait to see the video of it after the fact.

(And the cynic in me wonders who paid for this?)

Teaching Ella to Read

Obviously she is too young to be taught to read... but we do model reading behavior with her and we look at a lot of books.

With Daddy....

Books with Grandma....

Books with Miss Monica....

Books with Grandma Karen

And with mommy!

I can only hope that she enjoys reading as much as we do!

Quick Update and Movie Preview!

Hello blog world!

Things are pretty much just trucking along in Kay-land, although there are a few exciting things on the horizon such as a writer's conference!

Yay for FogCon!

Also, starting next week Ella and I will be hosting little J in the mornings while his mommy works. J is almost exactly a year older than Ella and I am really looking forward to the reminder of why having two kids under the age of two is probably not something we want to do... and also in helping Ella be more social. She talks a lot to the cat, but I think she will have more fun with J.

Also J'm mommy will watch Ella on Friday mornings giving me a few hours to work on the novel.. so yay!

Let's see, what else is new.... I have working out and trying to drop a few ponds before my sister's wedding.... and yeah, it still feel weird to type "my sister's wedding." I know she is older than I was when I got married, but yikes, she still seems so young! In my head she is still four years old.

Oy. now I sound like an old woman.

And now, for your bit of happy Monday fun...

I can't wait to see this movie!

Show Me.... Your Table!

Welcome to the Show Me Project!

This week's assignment  March 1st / Show me... your table! (Dining room table, coffee table, or patio table... whatever table gets the most love or tells the most interesting story!)

I decided to do our coffee table as it is a bit more reflective of our daily lives.

First off let me tell you that I got this coffee table from Good Will in Santa Cruz shortly after moving there. My apartment was tiny, so tiny that I had no kitchen/dining room table but I didin't want to eat off the cloor, so I went looking for a coffee table. I found this one... and forgetting how small my apartment was, I bought it.

It took some work to get it home where it promply filled up the entire living room floor and made it so that you sort of had to sort of turn sideways and slide past it... which resulted in many a bumped shin bone.

Man, I'm glad we moved.

So, here it is... our coffee table!

And what I said before about it reflecting our daily life? Well, yeah....

Baby stuff. (Board books and bottles... but also this random toy that looks like either modern art or something you would find in a chemistry classroom.)

 Money management... because of the above new addition to our home.

 I just put together the new stroller for the little miss. She likes being able to see where we are going. I with the thing had a cup holder, but otherwise this should allow us to be a little bit more adventurous as we can no go onthe bus!

 Let's see, a non fiction book I was rereading and a card from a friend.... also a cooke from 7-11 because I have simple tastes. 

 The obligatory workout DVD. My sister is getting married in just over 3 months and I want to look good! 

 Another shot of that cookie... yum! Also, the fiction book from last month's book club that I am having a hard time with due to the diction (dialect) and the random use of 2nd person narrative....

Oh yes, the rainbow bracelets that I prep every week for mailing as part of the Rainbow Delegation Project

 So there you have it, my coffee table... which we do use to eat dinner off of ocasionally.

Thus endeth my submission for this week's Show Me!
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And come back next week.... March 8th for Show Me Your Mailbox!

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Please let us know that you participated by linking to your Show Me entry below!

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