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February's Community Alliance Article

Boy it's good to be writing again!

My February article Coming Out, the Choice Is Yours for the Fresno Community Alliance can be found here.

Here's the teaser....

The LGBT community is made up of men, women, individuals who don’t identify as either, tall people, short people, liberals, conservatives, gun-wielding rednecks and Ivy League elitist types. There is, however, one thing (besides the obvious) that they all have in common: the issue of coming out.

Coming out: when to do it, who to do it to, how to do it…and in many cases, whether or not to do it at all.

The decision can be difficult and as counselors to LGBT youth we are encouraged to remind them that coming out isn’t always necessary. If you feel your life will be in danger, if you are likely to get kicked out of your home, if there are mitigating circumstances, then we caution people to wait, to protect themselves and to come out later.

Read the rest of the article here!

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