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Your jaundice levels are better, but we are still having issues feeding you.

Today we learned about a new way to supplement using a feeding tube.

I hate the feeding tube.

It makes me think that we are tricking you... you are trying so hard to latch onto me but you are getting formula pumped into you.

I guess you are getting the best of both worlds, but I still hate it.

The perfect ideal, call it plan A, is for you to BF from me.
Plan B is for you to eat breast milk from botles (if you can't learn to latch)
Plan C is for you to get breast milk and formula from bottles (if you can't learn to latch and if my milk doesn't come in enough)
Plan D is for you to be on full formula.

It is starting to seem like A is not going to be an option... and though I don't like the other plans, my ego has to be checked at the door.

What matters is that you get food in your tummy.


The photo, by the way  is you in the jammies from Great Grandma Bartel.  They are the best jammies we have for you, the perfect temp.  ANd you look so cute in them!!!!

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