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Today I spent most of the day playing games with Max.

What I learned.

The cat, Mew, HAS to be involved in every game.

Max cheats.

Max cheats badly.

I, on the other hand, cheat with dignity and flair.

Teasing Max about his cheating while cheating myself is super fun.

Max is a good sport.

My eyes can't see black light words.

Ok, so if that last one seems random, let me explain. 

We were going to play the "new" Clue game. (Apparently the "old" Clue game is very much pase.

The new Clue game is all about spies and gadgets and intrigue. The cards all have secret things on them and you have to use the included black light thing in order to read the clues.

However, I couldn't see the words under the black light. Like.. not at all.  THere were no words, no letter, no smudges, nothing.

At first I thought I had a blank card... but upon closer reflection, we realized that in the same way that my camera phone doesn't pick up any of the actual secret words via the black light, neither do my eyes.

Weird eh?

I'm 31 years old and I am just learning this. I wonder what ele out there I can't see.

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