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Grandma visited us over the weekend (we didn';t get any good photos of us, darnit).

She bought you (and me) this adorable rocking chair! I was a bit cautios about having another piece of furniture... but it fits beautifully and it very comfy. I can't wait to rock you in it.

We also go the cubby storage unit thing... and I love it.

"It's like a whoe new way to organize!" I gushed. Your daddy rolled his eyes but Grandma totally understood and gushed right along with me.

I wonder if you will be as into organizing things as I am. I don't think I was that into as a kid, but then, I didn't have thar much to organize.

Anyway, this new system will make keeping things put away much simpler.

And it goes so well with the new rocking chair.

I'm glad they talked me into the rocking chair, I think it will be a wonderful thing for us to use!

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