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The "Lady" Survey

Sometimes I makeyoutube videso.

Not often... some might say "not often enough" other would probably say "way too often" but whatever.

Here is my latest:

-note, I didn't actually have a list of the questions, I had to jot them down while watching Unseldomdrastic's video response... but afterwards I got a list... so if my answers aren't right on topic, that's my fault entirely.

The Lady Survey:
1. Who are your favourite female YouTubers?
2. Who are your favourite female athletes?
3. What is your favourite book written by a female with a female protagonist?
4. What is your favourite film written by a female with a female protagonist?
5. Who is your favourite female fictional character?
6. What is the biggest problem facing female creators today (and any solutions)?
7. Do you think youtube and online video in general are better or worse suited than television for tackling the problems and prejudices women face in the workplace?
8. What do you pledge to do to make the internet a better environment for all creators?
9. Tell us a story/secret whatever featuring women!
Rachel's Bonus Question! What's a better name than the Lady Survey?

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