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Every Sunday (well, ok, sometimes on Saturedays)...


Every weekend (mostly anyway) your daddy and I have a coffee date.

Although I don't drink coffee usually, but you get the point.

we go out to a bagel shop or a coffee shop and we visit and relax.  This is important because it allows us to take a break from "real life" for just a bit and reconnect.  I know we are closer because of this little tradition. spending time with your daddy is still one of my most favorite things to do.... a good sign since we are committed to being together for the long haul1

My parents did the same sort of thing. (although they did it on Sunday afternoons, after church and lunch). My sisters and I were left at home to entertain ourselves and my folks gave themselves a break.

Considering the rate of divorce and that my folks are still together and happy, I think that this little tradition of alone time, of date time, of focusing on the relationship time, is a good thing and I am pleased that your daddy and I have already started it.

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