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Coalition meeting time!

I'm lucky it is just a few buildings down from where we live. My pulse has been all sorts fo scary high lately and it seems just going for even a short little walk tires me out and makes my heart go super pitter pat.

This coalition is all about decreasing the number of smokers in Fresno. I represent the LGBT Community... because well, partly because a lot of LGBT people smoke and partly because the coalition wanted a more varied coalition. Yes, it is a bit odd to me too.

Smoking.... smoking is gross and unhealthy and smelly and ... and addictive. The best way, it seems to me, to keep people from smoking is to have them never start. I am a part of this coalition because I want to help decrease the number of youth who start smoking.

You will have aunts and uncles who smoke. I really hope you follow in my and your daddy's footsteps though and never start. 

And I hope your aunts and uncles quit... I want them to be around when you are older.

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