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Purchased at Target.... a gift for another little one.

It made me think of the movies I watched as a kid and how the affected me.

Daddy and I are going to limit your TV / movies. It won't be as limited as I had it (we didn't have TV or internet when I was young, so the only way to see movies was in the theater or at someone else's house.

Your watching won't be as much as Daddy's was when he was little.

Instead we are going for a balance. We want you to not have any screen time until you are at least 2, and then to make it limited and a family event.

I know, this might changes and we might go a different way... but for now this is the plan. I just really really ant to avoid using the TV as a babysitter for you.

But oh wow are there a lot of movies I can't wait to show you when you are older!

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