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We are officially engaged!


Daddy took me to a quiet spot overlooking the Santa Cruz beach. We could see the Boardwalk, we could see the water, we could see the beach where we used to spend our Friday nights listening to music and relaxing.

And then, after a beautiful (but sort of private speech) he asked me to marry him, and I of course said YES!!!

It wasn't a surprise, we had been planning on getting officially engaged for a while now, I even knew it was going to happen sometime this spring.

It was perfect. I twas just... perfect.

We spent the rest of the day visiting old haunts in Santa Cruz, eating good food, and saying the word "fiance-" over and over again.

For dinner we joined a whole slew of friends for a potluck and got to share the happy news.

Today was one of the happiest most relaxed and perfect days of my life.

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