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Cynthia and baby Piper!!!!

She is so freakin' cute!!!! 

Oh my gosh... do I really have to wait 5 MORE months to meet you?


Another night in of friends and games and hanging out.

With laptops.

Of course.

We only have a few more days until we fd out if you are going to be Ella or Edric.

Most people are betting on you being "Ella".... and I sort of hope you are as well. We shall see!


Hanging out in River Park and I saw this shirt.

If I were maybe 5 years younger, I would have bought it.

Funny how your fashion changes as you get older....

And now all I can think of is buying little clothes for you!


Ok, so... sort of cliche.

In the kitchen
Making lasagna.


Aunt Cynthia just had a baby, little Piper, and I am going to bring them some of my famous lasagna. I can't wait to meet Piper. Hopefully you and Piper will be great friends!

And who doesn't love lasagna? Aunt Annie taught me how to make it last year... it was on my list of "needed mommy skills". I'm pleased to say that I have mastered it!


Fresno City College  Pride Day!

I love these sorts of little festivals and can't wait to being you to them. You are going to be a rainbow baby!

This is also the one year anniversary of me getting involved with Gay Central Valley. A lot has changed in the last year... and most of those changes have been good. I hope you grow up in a world were there is more equality and less bigotry.


Welcome home Daddy... let's celebrate by eating burritos and watching tV.

Yeah.... we are classy!

But we have fun and weare happy.

You aren't being born into a wealthy family or a fancy family.... but you are being born into a happy family.


Daddy went to Nashville to deliver a paper at a conventin (the American Archeology Convention.... kind of a BIG deal).

He got you this little bear. It is your first "travel gift" from Daddy.  How cute is that?

Your Daddy is a great guy. The proceeds of the bear go to St Jude to help other little kids get and stay healthy. So your gift was sort of a gift for them as well.

Don't worry, little one, I will keep the bear safe for you until you are big enough to play with it. 


First day in the pool! 

It is going to be a HOT summer here in Fresno.... I get to be pregnant during the hottest time of the year... yay?

The pool felt really really good!


Rob's Birthday meant silly hats and silly times.

I can't wait to plan birthday parties for you!


Aunt Robin and I did some shopping today to get me more ready for the hot months around the corner. Besides some maternity stuff, I got this great sun hat.

Which Olive claimed as her's within moments of it coming out of the bag.

I'm pretty nervous about the coming heat, I did not do well in the heat last year... and this year it is going to be hotter and Iam going to be bigger.

Somedays I really miss Santa Cruz.


Haven't had a cute kitty pic in a while.... well, here you go!

I spent the day relaxing, spent some time with Aunti Allison, and -despite the date and the celebration of others- not smoking pot.

Neither did Olive, but you can't tell that by this photo.


You are making my belly itch.

And stretch.

And feel bruised from the inside out.



Reading: more books for book club. This month's options weren't that great, but that's ok.

I was going to start reading out loud as a way of practicing and to get you used to my voice, but... well... so far I don't really want to be reading you what I am reading for me.

Soon though. I ordered a few more baby prep books from the library, so hopefully those will be baby safe :)


I made you a baby blanket.

It is blue and pink and not all tat straight, but it was made by me especially for you.

I hope you like it!

Now... to see if I can learn how to make booties or hats.....


Another day with Ashley and Richard. He is walking along the side of the couch now, and it is so so so cute!

So far we mainly watch kids movies that I missed because I was too old or too married or too busy to see.

Daddy and I have been talking a lot about how much (if any) TV we are going to expose you to. I'm thinking your TV/movies exposure wil be pretty light.... I grew up in a house without a TV and I think it did wonder for my imagination.


We had a wonderful day again today, we hung out in some of our favorite spots and people watched.

Not only do I have a ring, but so does Daddy. It is so cute watching him play with it and smiling at it.  My heart is happy.

The weekend was amazing.

... and now... back to Fresno...


We are officially engaged!


Daddy took me to a quiet spot overlooking the Santa Cruz beach. We could see the Boardwalk, we could see the water, we could see the beach where we used to spend our Friday nights listening to music and relaxing.

And then, after a beautiful (but sort of private speech) he asked me to marry him, and I of course said YES!!!

It wasn't a surprise, we had been planning on getting officially engaged for a while now, I even knew it was going to happen sometime this spring.

It was perfect. I twas just... perfect.

We spent the rest of the day visiting old haunts in Santa Cruz, eating good food, and saying the word "fiance-" over and over again.

For dinner we joined a whole slew of friends for a potluck and got to share the happy news.

Today was one of the happiest most relaxed and perfect days of my life.


San Jose!

To celebrate Aunt Jessica's impending move, Uncle Rob, Uncle Mark Daddy and I hung out tonight. We had cheesecake, we giggled like the weirdos that we are,... all in all, it was great fun.

Aunt Jessica is getting ready to move from San Jose to Santa Maria... which means she will be even further away. :(


Nothing much happened today.

I worked at teh Center. I took a nap. I'm really excited about going out of town this weekend and I am starting to feel some of those not so pleasant side effects of pregnancy.

The very personal and slightly gross as well as painful side (or shall I say "back") effects.



We go a whole bunch of oranges from Aunt Kelly in Gilroy. Today I noticed that one had rolled off the counter and onto the floor. when I went to get it, I realized it had a little leaf... well it was the only one to have a leaf and for the smallest of moments I wondered if it had grown a leaf while on the floor int he sunshine.

Yes. I need more sleep.

Getting ready for the weekend.......


This is Richard.

He is just over a year older than you and his mommy is Ashley.  We have been hanging out pretty regularly lately, watching movies, playing with Richard, bonding etc.

Richard is a very independent baby, he can hold his own bottle and he likes to chill on the boppy while he eats. (I suggested the boppy for feedings).

Playing with him gives me a glimpse of how fun it will be to play with you!


Back in the olden days, people would sit around and talk.

In the not as olden days, like now, people sit around and talk while also checking Facebook.

Uncle Eric, Uncle Rob, and daddy were in the living room while I finished cleaning up after dinner.... suddenly I realized it had gotten really quiet out there.... and this is what I found.

For some reason I find this photo adorable. 



It was 99 degrees today! But I made people hunt for eggs anyway! 

We had a few people over, we watched bad movies (a delight of your fahter, I'm a bit more on the fence as to the joy of bad movies), and we ate waaaaaay too much candy.

But, isn't that what holidays are all about?

When I was little, Easter was all about a new Sunday dress and a fancy meal. But then again, the holiday was centered around the religious significance... whereas Daddy and I don't do the religon thing and so today was about hanging out with friends and wearing comfy clothes.

Sometimes I am so glad to be an adult.


Another milestone: Week 16.

You are definitely getting bigger! People keep asking me if I am having twind or assuming that I am much further along than I am.

For some reason, you be being big doesn't feak me out, it fills me with this awesome sense of pride.

.... until I think about the actual delivery part of this whole adventure.....


Speaking of Aunt Robin... tonight we celebrated her birthday with Chnese food and then a trip to the nickle arcade.

I have a feeling that if we are still in Fresno when you get older, we will bevisiting that arcade on a semi regular basis.

Anyway, it was much fun.... everyone pooled their tickets at the end to get you a cute little blue, creature. Aunt Robin is holding it in the photo.

From left to right, Russell, Cheryl, Daddy, Derek, Robin, Mommy, Neal, Michael, Marie.

(I wonder how many of thee people will be important in your life.)


Aunt Robin makes these great hand painted eggs, super delicate, super pretty. She decided to sell them at the Art hop tonight so we swung by her booth to visit.

I had never heard of people hand painting eggs before I met Aunt Robin, it just makes me realize how many different hobbies and crafts are out there! I can't wait to see what sorts of hobbies and crafts you end up taking a shine to :)


Quiet day, lots of Sudoku. 

And -yawn- naps.


Lunch! I love big salads full of fruit and chicken! Yum!

See, eating healthy isn't so bad.... I keep telling myself this anyway.

I have started to put on a bit of weight, not much, but enough that I am very aware of what I am eating. So far, still no weird cravings.


A very nice lady named Mary sent me this book. I have already read it to you twice. I hope to keep reading to you as you grow inside me... that way you will be used to hearing my voice (and Daddy's voice) and maybe, just maybe, you will like being read to when you are out and on our laps.

We buy you a book every month, a little tradition that we hope to continue. What fun it will be to go book shopping with you when you are old enough to pick out your own books!


This is Sam. Sam is the pet rat of Rob, a new friend but one whom we greatly enjoy.

I had dogs as pets when I was young (and a rabbit for a little while). Daddy had dogs too, maybe a hamster.

I hope we can get you a pet, something small like a hamster while you are small... and maybe someday if we live in a house, a dog of your own. (A small dog)

For now, we are petty happy with Olive, I think we will probably always have a cat, Daddy and I are cat people.