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I'm huge!

Well, no... but I am bigger than I used to be!

I also have a camera that I like playing with... so there's that.

Yep, that's my belly... and you are inside! I still can't feel you, but I know you are there by the sickness, the pressure, and the back pain :)


 A quiet night at home. Both boys on their laptops....

I am getting used to Uncle Eric being here. It is still a bit of an adjustment... I have to remember to dress for other people, I have to get up several times a night to let the cat in an out of the bedroom, he gets up earlier than we do.... etc

But all in all, it seems to be going okay. We have agreed to give it to the end of next month and reevaluate then.


New curtains for your room!

We can't hang them yet, Uncle Eric is in there after all, but they are here and I am excited!

I had to pick a color theme... I think green and safari/jungle! I hope you like it!

I can't wait until you are older and you have preferences of your own.... so much fun!


Another game night: this time Shadows Over Camelot... one of my favorite games.

We played with Michael and I got to teach it to Uncle Evan and Aunt Allison.... and ummm, I was also the Traitor.... so....

Yeah, I won.

I promise I didn't cheat, I am just very good at being the traitor :P

I'm sure there will be a rematch!


Yay for Aunt Robin!

Aunt Robin is super smart and very driven, boy is she driven!

We don' hang out as much, but when we do I always learn something new... sometimes I learn what cool crafty things I wish I knew how to do....

Today we shopped for Uncle Rob's birthday stuff. We decided he would need a funny hat, which meant trying on a bunch of funny hats ourselves!

 Yes, we are dorks!


Yay for Aunt Allison!

We have so much fun hanging out together! Sometimes we go for walks. Sometimes we watch movies or TV, sometimes we just sit and talk.... eventually I'm sure we will go swimming.

No matter what, I always feel relaxed and calm after our hang out times.

It's weird, I have sisters, sisters that I love like the dickens... but sisters who live far away. Allison is like my close by sister friend!

I'm pretty lucky that she came to SWAC and we bonded :)


No, I don't know yet if you are a girl or a boy. We find out in May.

But, Aunt Allison loaned me this book anyway and I really enjoyed it. 

Princess... /shudder/ I don't like the word and I really don't like what it stands for; a simpering privileged girl who's job is to look pretty and marry well. 


Not my daughter/son!


Another DnD game night with friends... but the picture is actually of a list of "bad but great" movies.

It was determined that we should have a Bad Movie Party on Easter this year and we spent some time compiling a rather long list.... we managed to cut it down a bit to a few for the actual event.

It's still weird to me that things can be so "bad" they become "good." This is definitely more of a Daddy-thing... but I am a good sport and sometimes enjoy the movies in spite of myself.


Big day today!

I am on an Anthology Committee. We gathered stories, art pieces, and poetry from LGBT and straight allies all over the Central Valley and had them published in the book pictured above,

We are planning on getting a copy into a lot of the schools in the area.... and today we (along with the help of library worker Terry -center) got the anthology added to the official Fresno County Library Circulation!

That's Uncle Neal and Zoyer nest to Terry. We all got to go to the library and present her with a seven copies for the library collection.

Today marks the end of a project that started almost a year ago!



A few of my flowers are coming back!

Last year Aunt Kelly came from Gilroy and helped me plant a whole bunch of great flowers and plants in the backyard. This year I have been too sick and tired to do much in the way of weeding or caring for them... I had started to think I wouldn't see any flowers at all.... but check it out! a few have managed to survive neglect and there they are!

I am looking forward to planting things with you.... teaching you about flowers and having fun in the sunshine. Yeah, it sounds a bit ideal and idyllic in my daydreams.... 


Maybe having Uncle Eric live here won't be so bad.... he made banana bread for us tonight :)

Let's see, I lived with my parents, I have lived with friends as roommates, I have lived with romantic partners, and I have lived with a stranger (rented a room from a crazy Bird Lady). 

Now I can say I have lived with a romantic partner AND a friend as roommate. 

But I never lived in the dorms.... Daddy did and he seemed to really enjoy it . He made friends there that he still has.


So that spare room / nursery? well for a few months it is now going to be Uncle Eric's room.

He and Aunt Robin have broken up, and he needs a place to stay for a bit.

Today Aunt Allison and I moved his stuff into the apartment. He doesn't have a lot of stuff, but it was still a lot of trips back and forth.

I'm a little sad that I won't be able to "nest" in that room for a while, but I am glad we can help out a friend.

It is going to be weird having another person in the house.... I have really gotten used it just being your dad, Olive, and myself.


Olive helps with the cleaning and organizing.

We already have your bookcase, there are even some books onit. Everything else... well,.. soon.


Today Uncle Eric, Uncle Rob, Daddy and i went out phto-fn-adventuring! 

We drove to a dam, walked around some pretty areas, threw rocks in a pond... all in all, a very nice day.

The photo is of Uncle Rob climbing the wall. Yes. You read that right.

Taking photos has been a hobby of your dad's for a wile now, I am starting to get into it (although my emphasis is a bit differnt). I wonder what sort of hobbies you will have.


Saint Paddy's Day
St Patty's day

Either one... It is a day to sing Irish songs and tickle pinch tackle Daddy.

Oh yes!

The photo is Russell, who is busy singing an Irish song while the rest of us eat doughnuts. Not a bad way to spend the morning!


Another game night!

We played Wiz Wars with Uncle Eric and Uncle Rob.

I... sortta stomped Eric. Badly.

It was awesome.

I prefer cooperation games, but competitive games can be fun too.... and they are extra fun when you blindside someone :P


Strings N Things

I finished this table piece.... it was the first thing I actually made fully besides scarves.

Now I need to make place mats that match.... and a baby hat or two for you... and maybe even booties....


The joy of coming home from a few days away: laundry.

Olive enjoys laundry days because she gets to climb into Daddy's wardrobe.

I bet you are going to be a little monkey baby and will probably try to climb in there too :)

Also, I love our curtains. Yay for curtains.


After a day in the rain wandering around the campus, I met up with Aunt Jackie and we hung out, went shopping, and had the best cake ever!

Mmmmmm strawberry cake!

It was weird being back on the campus, it has really changed and yet it is very much the same.  But I really felt the sense that I didn't belong there anymore. Daddy felt the same way when he visited his old campus recently.... I guess it is part of growing up.


So Daddy had to go out of town for work again.... and I got to go with him again!

This time to the Sacramento area, which means that tomorrow i get to wander around an area I know and visit friends.

Tonight we got to our hotel and Daddy was very pleased that he could lock and unlock the car door from our third floor window. Isn't he cute?

I love hanging out with Daddy in hotels... so much fun :)


After SWAC (Skeptics Without A Cause) brunch a group of us went to see the Meux House, an old house turned museum here in Fresno.

It was fun seeing all the little rooms, the old style kithen, bathroom, buttons (made from glass, bone, metal....) and everything else.

I must say, I am very glad to live in the time period when I do.

Not only for the hygiene and the civil rights.... but the mdical advances! Oh my the medical advances.

(Yeah, I have just realized I need to start thinking about that whole labor and delivery thing..... yikes!)


Yep, baby shower time.... again, not for you!

Baby Piper will be here soon! Seeing how happy (and big) Cynthia is just make me sooooo eager for you to be bigger so I can be all big too!

I can't wait to feel you, to meet you, to hug and kiss and sing to you!

Anyway, the shower was VERY pink and girly. They are pretty sure Piper will be a girl... but woudn't it be a shock if she turned ou to be a boy..... with a huge closet full of little pink clothes? Hee!

I hope we can find out "what" you are going to be.... so much fun to plan!


Taking care of me: trip to Old Navy for some warm weather clothes (maternity for sure)

Taking care of you by drinking a Jamba Juice.

I love Jamba Juice! It is one of the few things that doesn't make me sick!


We went shopping! At a Baby store!

Not for you though :P

We were getting a gift for Aunt Cynthia's baby shower... she is expecting baby Piper next month. I'm excited because I get to see people I don't see very often.... and because Aunt Cynthia is just so darn cute as a pregnant mama, it gives me hope that I can stay cute too. Plus Piper will only be about 5 and a half months older than you... so hopefully you two will be great friends!

Anyway, we got them some useful things but I HAD to get the monkey bag.... I love monkeys! In fact.... I'm starting to think that monkeys might make the perfect theme for you and your room!

And isn't Daddy a good sport? /snicker/


I was pretty sick today (yes, all your fault) but Daddy has also not been feeling all that well. Lots of stress for him, and a lot of restless nights.

To cheer him up a bit I got him some cookies!

It's nice to have friends who sell cookies!

I wonder what your favorite types will be.... I am partial to the peanut butter chocolate ones and the caramel ones.....

I wonder if you will want to be a Girl Scout. I love the organization, if you were interested I think it would be a great thing for you to do... if you are a girl that is.

If you are a boy, well, I am pretty set against the Boy Scouts. We will have to play it by ear.


I was prepping for a Board meeting.... which meant spending time in a coffee shop... which meant getting distracted by the nifty artistic aesthetic of said coffee shop....

Actually I had a meeting at the coffee shop too, so it wasn't all just hanging out and taking photos.

I met with leadership from the Trans-E-Motion group here in town. I want you to know, little one, that if you feel that you were born in the wrong body (gender wise) I will support you.

I am really excited about having, whichever gender you are. I know you aren't supposed to have a preference... well I do, but I am going to keep it tomyself for a bit. It isn't as much of a preference as a "I have always wanted a ___"

But more than a gender specific blank, I am really looking forward to having YOU!!!!


Isaiah, our DM for the Fates game planning some sort of evil to our characters....

Yeah, your mom is a dork. I like table top gaming. I expecially like it when it is story driven and not all combat.

And if it is story driven AND with good friends? Well that's all kinds of awesome!

I know we can't wait to teach you to play!


That's Aunt Robin up there on the stage.

She recently joined an Irish band called Songs 4 Pints and they preformed during a festival here in Fresno.

It was great getting out of the house, seeing them preform live, and spending time with friends.

What wasn't so great were the smokers who sat at the table next to ours. Ick!

Anyway, it was fun... I think Aunt Robin might let me record her playing a few lullabies for you.


Tonight we had a bunch of people over for a DnD game.

DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) was really important to Daddy when he was growing up. It helped him leans social skills and empathy as well as imagination and problem solving techniques. All that from a game, it's true.

I am a new convert to the world of DnD, but I have a feeling it will be a pretty routine part of your growing up.


Lunch with Auntie Allison.

I am branching out... trying new foods... I have never been a fan of beans and have only really had rice burritos.... but beans are a Pregnancy Super Food... so I thought I would give them a try.

I'm happy to report that I liked them. I like them with just beans and cheese, but I like them. Baby steps :)

I hope you aren't afraid to try new things!

And... I am pretty sure burritos are going to be a staple food during your growing up years.


Daddy sure loves his pinhole camera! 

Today he took a series of photos involving some of his DnD miniatures attacking a stuffed woolly mammoth. 

I can't wait to pose you for pictures /evil grin/

I know I only do one photo of the day... but I can't resist sharing....

You have an amazing Daddy.... I just know you are going to have tons of fun with him!