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Olive making noises at the birds outside. Of course, I turn on the video function and she gets eerily silent.

We need to figure out what we are going to do with this old couch that is currently in the room that will someday be your room.... but for now, Olive likes to sit on it while I am working and make noses at the birds.


This is Probosces. 

Well, actually.... "proboscis /prˈbɒsɪs/ is an elongated appendage from the head of an animal, either a vertebrate or an invertebrate. In invertebrates, the term usually refers to tubular mouthparts used for feeding and sucking. In vertebrates, the term is used to describe an elongated nose or snout."

This is a toy that came with my happy meal tonight. I have named it Proboscis and it joined us at the gaming table. (Aunt Allison and Uncle Evan introduced me to a role playing game called Fate, those are the dice for Fate.)

We had a lot of fun adding this little bobble headed toy into th egame.  No idea if it will survive the next several months... but there you go.


Something I didn't mention about my LA trip.

I had Fruit Loops for the first time.

I am a changed woman.

See, your Grandma would never have lt me eat them when I was young (likewise, you won't find them an option for your breakfst) and as an adult I never had the inclination to eat them.

But in LA, at the weird little breakfast bar that was in the hotel, one morning I tried them. PArtly because I was getting pretty tired of Cheerios, partly because the smell was lovely.

Oh my, yum!

Now I can't seem to get enough.... but don't worry, I am eating healthy besides these yummy little things.....


Aunt Robin and I went shopping today and got you a dresser!

Yeah, it needs some polish and I should line the drawers so you don't get splinters... but it was a great price, it fit in the back of her car, and it is all for you!

I can't wait to start setting up the nursery!


They say that kids will like veggies if their parents like veggies.

Well, I like veggies... and I LOVE the way your Aunt Robin makes cucumber salad. There's crab meat, cucumbers... and... other stuff...

It is lovely! She knows how much I like it and she tends to make it a lot for me.


Very quiet day while I recovered and dealt with being sick.

Lots of couch cuddles with Olive and a marathon of "Supernatural" episodes.

Not a bad day.... and Daddy comes home tomorrow!


Weirdly, my favorite part of LA was Union Station.

Maybe it was the architectural aspectIs.
Maybe it was the knowledge that I was going home....

Either way, it was nifty.

I love traveling by train.... can't wait to take you on your first train ride. Will it be to Sacramento? Modesto? San Jose? San Francisco? Who knows!


I felt well enough to wander a bit more today (still in Chinatown LA).

The museums were closed, but I got a few shots and even joined a group of Japanese teens for a bit of a walking tour. Of course, thier guide was a Japanese man, so I didn't learn too much from the tour, but it was neat to tag along.

The air and the streets are very dirty here. Fresno might not be perfect, but I am glad you are being born there and not in some of the other options....


Another day in LA. Today I was too sick to explore very much.
Plus the people in this city smoke all the time and all over the place... meaning that being able to eat my breakfast or lunch without inhaling a bunch of disgusting second hand smoke was nearly impossible.

So, I stayed in most of the day.

But after Daddy got off work, we met up with Aunt Jennifer (technically she is my cousin, so your cousin, but let's not quibble), Uncle Tony and Bailee and Olivia.

Jennifer and I have always been close...  I hope there is a cousin or friend around your age who you will get to grow up with!


Ok, first off, wandering around a strange city by one's self can be both really fun and really unnerving.

I accidentally walked into a crime scene today... complete with body under a sheet and the ME.

So, there was that.

But also, I saw some cool things... and after Daddy got off work we had dinner with one of his old friends from college. We went to a really big farmers market and walked around. The fountain behind us was full of light... it was one of the kid that changes the water pressue and such along with music. Very Very cool.


The view from our hotel room in LA.

Yes, that is the Dragnet building in the background. 

Daddy has to work in LA, I can have morning sickness anywhere, so we decided I would go with him.  Our hotel is in the heart of Chinatown and I hope I am not too sick tomorrow so I can wander around a bit and play tourist!


Technology is a wonderful thing.

This is an app on my phone now... for *some* reason I have to be more aware of where the nearest restroom is at all times.....

I can't believe we live in the future. (your past, but shhhh). Face to face phone calls, emails, texting,.... we have so many nifty ways to stay in touch.

And yes, I can't wait for you to skype with your grandparents!


Hey hey, we're your parents!
People say we monkey around.
We're too busy being awesome
To put anybody down.....

Just trying to be healthy,
Make a home happy it's true
We are getting excited
And can't wait to meet you.....


Strings N Things!

I am trying to lean how to make a baby hat and some booties.

I am not having a whole lot of luck.

However, I got the whole scarf thing down.... maybe I should try a bag of some sort....

I wonder what sort of hobbies you will pick up... I only recently taught myself to crochet. When I was little, my hobbies were mostly reading, playing, and more of the same.


Mmmm Chinese food!

Chinese food is my favorite sort of food. I love the way it tastes, I love the way it make perfect leftovers. I love that the meals come with an automatic cookie dessert! Whats not to love?

When i was young, Grandma and Grandpa had a favorite Chinese food place called Tsing Tao in Campbell. We used to go there on special occasions. I can't wait to introduce you to Chinese food and to whatever our family's "special occasion" restaurant will be!

Maybe you will be like Daddy and prefer spicy Thai and Indian food. Maybe you will be like your aunts and like creamy Italian..... but maybe you will be like me and love Chinese food best of all!


It's Valentines Day!

And what a very special gift.... another photo of you! You are bigger than before, but still very much blob like.... and your name of "Fishy" is growing on me, I find I use it all the time when talking about you.

Daddy even has a little song he sings "Fshy, Fishy, squirmy little Fishy, Fishy Fishy, swimming in the womb...."

We now have your official due date.... Sept 22nd!


Hooray for Board meetings!

I am the Secretary of the board of Directors for Gay Central Valley. We are gearing up for a big health Fair in March as well as some other exciting projects... and we are working on fund development so that we can keep the community center open.

I wonder if you will have any memories of the center.... I envision bringing you in a play yard and having you hang out with me while I do my work... not sure how practical that will be, but it is a nice thought.


We had a lovely dinner with Uncle Chris and Uncle James tonight. The flowers are from them.

I hope you grow up with uncles like Chris and James, they are so sweet and nice... and so smart and passionate! I want you to have great role models in your life, like i did.


There you are! in my belly!

8 weeks along!

Crazy since we have only known for sure for a few weeks ourselves.... such a weird thought that you existed before we knew....

Anyway, Daddy took this photo along with a few others. he is the official Belly Photographer! We will take photos every 4 weeks in order to see how big and fast you grow!


I am trying to go for walks while the weather is still decent. Today I walked to Starbucks and had an apple juice snack while I read this month's book club book.

Walking is good for both of us.... and it gives me a chance to listen to This American Life episodes.

I hope we live somewhere with better air by the time you are old enough to go out walking.... last summer Daddy developed asthma from the Fresno.


Had to go give blood at the Kaiser lab today. must make sure that I'm as healthy as can be!

Once again so glad that I passed on the MMR vaccine.

I'm sure this won't be the last time  I have to give blood during this pregnancy...

Also made another video today:


I grabbed lunch today at McDonald's

I was craving chicken nuggets but to keep it healthy (ish) i added a tossed green salad and a milk.

It was delicious!


And then the judgments came! People were telling me how horrible it was that I was feeding you this, that I wouldn't do such awful things if i loved you, that i was being irresponsible....

Seriously? For one meal of chicken nuggets? The only meal I have been able to keep fully down in over a week?

Now, don't get me wrong, McD's is not health food. but is also isn't Evil food! It is food, processed and full of carbs and fat, but in moderation it is totally fine!

I had been warned about all the misguided judgmental advice I will be getting as a pregnant mom-to-be.... I guess I just got my first taste!

Also, my little blueberry, I made a video:


Time to start reading!

People keep telling me that the "What to Expect" book is full of scary information and is a bit alarmist. That hasn't been my experience, but I guess I only did just start.

I have been pretty sick and tired, but they books tell me that is totally normal.

Of course, they say that if i wasn't sick or tired, that is normal too.I wish i could be normal in the non-sick way.....


Uncle Evan was in a musical (Hello Dolly).

I was in a few musicals when I was younger... and a few plays. I can't wait to teach you songs from Phantom and Les Mis..... partly just to bug your daddy who finds most musicals terribly annoying.



Today was the Super Bowl.

But since neither Daddy nor I care a tick about football, we went out for lunch and for a walk.

I had to look up whether or not fish is safe to eat while pregnant (most of it is) before chowing down on my Fish n chips. It's funny, sometimes I go for a few hours without remembering, then I get sick or something triggers my brain and i go, "Oh! I'm having a baby!"


Your Aunt Robin is super talented!
Someday she will have to teach you to knit, i can teach you to crochet!

Anyway, she made you a baby Cthulhu softie. You won't be able to play with it for a while, but darn if it isn't the cutest thing ever.

... you will have to be much much older to read the Lovecraft stories that inspired the Cthulhu softies.....


Tonight I joined Aunt Allison and Uncle Evan to play a game called Carcassonne
It was a lot of fun, even though i lost horribly.

Good life lesson that, sometimes it really is all about the experience of playing the game and it doesn't matter who wins.

When I was little I played a lot of UNO. We had a few board games, but we didn't really play them as a family.  I hope to remedy that with you, Daddy and i are already talking about the games we can't wait to teach you to play!


My latest article in the Community Alliance Newspaper

I have written a few things for them in the past and am pleased to be able to add "regular columnist" to my resume.

This article was about a horrible TV show that, thankfully, got the ax. I hope that TV is better by the time you are watching it.


It's been a while.

There was the new job... the end of the new job... (hooray for being a temp!)... the 27 hand made holiday gifts (hooray for being slightly crafty and cheap!), the holidays... and then the being sick and not knowing why.

This was why.

I am taking a hiatus from this blog for the next little bit to concentrate on being pregnant.

One might think that such activities would result in a vast number of books being read and movies being watched... and while that is true, I am going to focus most of my energy, that isn't getting ready for the baby, on finishing my novel.

I want to have the first draft done before she gets here.

Yes, I'm predicting a girl.


Being pregnant has had some interesting physical moments.

Like when I realized that my snoring has gone from some slightly wheezy to roaring trucks on a highway.

Poor Daddy!