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Ok, today was supposed to be the first day of work.

The photo is of the decalf coffee i drank while I waited for the bus to take me to the first day of work.


Apparently, my blood work is slightly off, i am borderline for the measles and so to take teh job I have to take the MMR vaccine.

Now, you will know this about me later, but I love vaccines. I have no problem with them, i know better than to think they cause autism etc.  BUT, the MMR vax causes miscarriages in early pregnancy and would make it so I couldn't keep trying to have you for several more months.

Daddy and i decided to pass on the MMR vax so that we could keep trying for you (plus, my January period hasn't happened yet, there is a tiny chance you are already here).

This means passing on the job.

I'm bummed.  But I don't want anything to put you or even your very existence at risk.

And, isn't the steam from my coffee pretty/? Yes, let's dwell on that.

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