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Then and Now

I used to write about colors
Especially Red
And I would add photos
To get your attention, make you pause,
Enjoy the ride.

I used to write about blogs
And leave comments
Peruse and beg to be perused
Tempt you over to my own space on the web
Entertain the masses

I used to write about adventures
In dating
Or the crazy thing that happened on a city bus
That funny thing that happened at lunch
Getting lost (a lot)

I used to write about random stuff
Just to have written something
To keep the numbers up
A testament to a boring job
And a lot of free time.

But now…
Now I write a minimum of 9 articles a month for other blogs and publications
I work 40 hours a week.
I sit on a Board and sever as Secretary
I sit on a Committee and serve as Go To Gal
I am helping to edit and birth an anthology which will hopefully go to the printer soon
I run a book club
A knitting / crochet / art club
And a Skeptics club
I volunteer at least 2 days a month at the community center
I hand write envelopes for the Rainbow Delegation
On Tuesday nights we game with friends far away
On Thursday nights we game with friends even further away
Once a month we run a DnD game for friends right here.
There is also our social life, our friends, our family…
And the need for quality time, snuggles, cuddles, kisses, and a weekly coffee date

Still trying to find time to work on the novel
Time to keep up on my exercise
Time to cook and clean and maintain a household (I thanfully don’t do that alone)

And to save money, I am attempting to hand make all the Christmas gifts this year.

Which means that I am not writing on this blog as much as I would like.

But, as your reward for reading this far, I have a gift for you…

There, doesn’t that make it all better?

Happy Friday!

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