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I am almost too giddy to write this post.

I have new clothers. NEW CLOTHES!

Yes, I am now a size 10.

Yes, I am more medium to large.

Yes, I need to stock up on nylons.

Yes, 90% of my wardrobe is Black, Gray, White, and Red.

But…. New Clothes!

I haven’t bought new clothes is a really really really long time. Yeah, an occasional pair of jeans, a new top around the holidays in order to not look like a mid sized cow in the holiday photos (it didn’t work, if anything the darn top made me lok like a mid sized horse). But several new pieces that coordinate well with my current closet? New stuff that is really new… and pretty… and fits… and looks good… and is professional? Not in a VERY LONG TIME.

New Clothes! Not many things can make me this happy.

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