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On 2nd Thought….

I was invited the other day to join a group on Facebook. Shocker right? Well this group is less of a group and more of a petition. (Again, not a big shock, if you have a FB account you get invited to all sorts of things… but cut me a break, I needed an intro.)

This particular petition? Petition to remove facebook group praying for President Obama's death.



Strange, yes.

Disgusting? Indeed.

I must admit, my gut led the way and I clicked on the petition.

Then… my brain caught up with my gut.

Should Facebook remove this page/group?

Actually, I don’t think so. It is gross and horrible… but it is also not against the policies of FB and it should be protected by Freedom of Speech, right?

Hate speak? Well, no, not really.

Call to direct violence? It really depends on how you define God.

It could be considered a plea for direct violence if one believed that God actually a) exists and b) does what people pray for or sign a FB petition for… both premises are highly doubtful.

With that in mind, the group has as much plea for direct violence as a group asking The Teapot in the Sky to strike down all coffee drinkers or the group asking Santa Clause to kill all Pagans.

The maxim of “I detest what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” comes into play here.

Part of living in a Free Society means putting up with twits like the people in that group.

Annoying. But true.

Almost done......

Howdy all!


So…. There are only 2 days left in the Bowl For Kids Sake Fundraiser.  I have been blown away with the generosity of my friends and family…. But since we are in the final stretch, I thought I would send out a final plea.


Big Brothers Big Sisters is doing wonderful work.  Their Mentoring programs and their After School programs make huge positive impacts on the lives of the at-risk kids in our community.  I love helping the kids in this way… it is so nice to feel like part of the solution!


Again, it isn't too late to donate, even 5 or 10 bucks makes a HIGE difference in the lives of these kids.


Thank you so much!





Is it me….? Epilogue

So the guy, Gino, called met at work yesterday and asked when I would be home so that he could come by and get his box.

My hesitation on the phone was palpable.

I asked him if I could just take the box to UPS… again, this seems like the best plan. He told me that UPS wouldn’t let me just drop off the box. (I sort of think they would have a hard time stopping me if I walked in, set it down, and then walked out, but whatever.)

Then he asked me what was in it. I pointed out that I hadn’t looked, but that it felt like paperwork.

His compromise; that I leave the box on the stairs and he would come get it. Fine, I said. I would put it on the stairs when I got home. When would that be? Well, I couldn’t really say. (I didn’t want to say… it was likely to be late.)

His next plan was that I text him with the UPS tracking number so that he could find out what was in the box.

Feeling pretty weirded out by this point and trying to, you know, work since it was the middle of the day, I agreed.

Last night I texted him and then he promptly requested that since I was home that I take it outside and leave on the stairs. Fine.

Bah. The whole thing is weird.

The Man, by the way, was pretty upset (and rightfully so) that my personal number had been given out to a stranger. He is well aware of my history of stalkers and he also felt strongly that the whole thing smacked of unethical action. So he left a voice mail of his own at the company line last night. Harsh language was used. I doubt they will be making that mistake again.

End result: The box had disappeared from the stairs as of this morning. Also, I might be less likely to try to be helpful the next time something like this happens.

Which is sort of sad, but true.

Is it me… or….?

The other day I found a box on my front stoop.

(Actually the little brown mat we bought for people to wipe their feet on, but that is the closest thing I have to a front stoop, so there you go.)

The box had been delivered UPS and it seemed, by it’s weight and the sounds that it made when I shook it, to contain paperwork.

It was also not addressed to either The Man or me.

What does one do with a UPS package that isn’t for you? I checked out the return address and lo and behold, there was a phone number.

I called the number… afterall I am a good citizen. I left a message in the main voice box. I waited.

A few days later I received a voice mail of my own from the company that had sent the box. They informed me that they would be contacting Gino (the intended recipient of the box o papers) and giving him my contact number so that he could come by and pick up his box.

Wait… what? They are giving my personal information to some random guy? Some random guy who obviously knows already where I live… so he can… drop by.

Something about that seems weird to me.

Maybe I’m paranoid.

Why don’t they just have me drop the damn box off at my closest UPS store, let it be someone else’s problem… either return it and have it resent to the proper address or have him pick it up there. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Also, we are preparing to go on vacation… I don’t really feel like telling this guy, who knows where I live, that my apartment is going to be empty for over a week.

And in the days between now and the vacation, we are freakin’ busy. I don’t have the time or the inclination to chill out at home and wait for some guy to pick up his box because he didn’t bother to inform them that he had moved.

Moved back in late February mind you.


Cheap, Fast, and Not Half Bad. Kinda like me!

I am hooked on gas station coffee.

I can’t help it. $1.49 and the French Vanilla stuff is soooo good.

I know this means that certain coffee elite friends worry about my soul. I know this means that my parents might disown me. I know this goes against my Silicon Valley Coffee background…. I was raised on Gloria Jeans. As a family, we made the transition to Starbucks and never looked back. I have a frequent buyer card for both local owned shops (Mr. Toots, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters) and also local chains (LuLu at the Octagon, Carpenters, the Capitola Book CafĂ© coffee shop, even the Coffee Cat.) I am not above visiting Pete’s or, when it was there, Bad Ass Coffee. Heck, I even swallow my anti-churchiness and go to the Abby!

But that was before the gas station.

It is practically next door to my office.
While there I am not tempted by yummy pastries or delightful music CDs.

I can mix my French Vanilla with Hot Chocolate and then add a dash of mocha for fun.

You know what? For brown flavored water, it isn’t that bad. It does the job.

And it isn’t like I have no standards. I mean, I draw the line somewhere.

Its not like I am drinking IHop coffee.

Nothing Like It….

I love technology. I love all the innovations and am fascinated by the “nest big thing” phenomenon. It boggles my mind how far we have come, technologically speaking, in just the past ten years.

But sometimes I am reminded that old tools can sometimes still be the perfect tool. Sometimes the sparkle of the new distracts from the fact that the old was just better for certain jobs.

I ran into that recently…. And it had everything to do with cassette tapes.

See, recently I needed to listen to and record a radio show. It is a small time radio show, not available for download or podcast, on the AM dial on a Sunday evening. (And yes, I will explain the why this was a necessity in a later post.)

I happen to still have in my possession a Boom box complete with CD player, radio, tape player and tape recorder. I remember recording songs off the radio or off CDs for my walk man….. I never thought I would use the tape deck pat of the player ever again, and in fact, I don’t have any cassette tapes left.

Which means I didn’t have any blank tapes with which to record the radio show.

Off I went to CVS. No tapes.

I called Target, I called Kmart,


I called my mom. She managed to scrounge up a tape that had random songs from the radio on one side and the Bodyguard soundtrack on the other. Sorry, Whitney, but you have to go!

I was able to record the show (well most of it… the tape only had 45 minutes on it) and last night we listened to it with some friends.

I remember reading about the death of the Cassette Tape(1965-2007) but obviously the things are hard to kill.

And why? Well despite looking all old school and not being sold in many places, there are things that tapes and tape players can do (besides record off the radio) that no other technology has yet to be able to do.

Like the pause / stop feature that will stop the tape half way through a song and allow the tape to be ignored for years, removed from the player, put into a different player and then restarted at the same EXACT place! This is why the tape won’t really die until other things can do this… all those audio book people like to be able to pick up EXACTLY the place they left off.

Also…. Well, … when I was five I was given the best Christmas present ever. A Tape Recorder. I carried it around with me and recorded everything… my own little ramblings “I am four! I have a nightstand! There is a lamp!”, the sounds of the house, people having conversations…. And when you go back now and listen, you get this great little slice of life.

So, I am glad I still have my tape player. From being able to listen to myself at 5 tell the Christmas story, to myself at 10 giving my opinion on the Gulf War, to the heart wrenching awful mixed tape love expressions of my teen years…. There should definitely be a place on the shelf for tape players and cassette tapes.

Again, I love technology… I guess I love old tech as well as new.

Also, kind of want to play with an iPad.

Walking Like a Fool

Happy April!

I have decided to not buy a bus pass for the month of April. This will force me to walk too and from work every day. This should help me be healthier.

It is the first time in years that I have started a month off without the security of a buss pass in my wallet. To me, a bus pass is independence, safety, and reassurance that I can take care of myself.

Although I think that walking to and from work will be really good for me and I am looking forward to getting in better shape because of it (1.5 miles each way), I am a bit nervous to not have the pass.

Of course, since I am saving the $50 by not buying a bus pass this month, I think I will treat myself to getting a pedicure at some point next week (after the rain has cleared up).

Of course, today being day one of my forced walking… I wore shoes that, while not totally evil, are pretty nasty for long walks.

Oh boy… blisters here I come.

(This post is not an April Fools day joke.... I saved my Foolery for the office, thank you very much.)