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Ok, I don’t know what I did wrong (or maybe right?) but my blog is getting spammed like you would not believe. To be precise, a few specific posts are getting spammed again and again and again.

Those of you who read here regularly, might have noticed that I have “moderator approval” on posts more than two weeks old… the reason isn’t that I am a control freak. It is because I keep getting comments in other languages, comments extolling the wonders of several different porn sites, and then just gibberish comments.

Ok, fine. But the odd thing is that the spammer people seem to have a special place in their little bot hearts for a few of my posts. These posts get all the spammy love. In the last three days, two of these somehow special posts have received over ten spam comments. Each!

All I can figure is that there must be some magic words in these posts that make them super tasty.

Anyway… if you are curious about these posts, the ones getting all the love, here they are;

Porn Stars, Kitty Cats, Movies and More (which, Ok, I sort of understand why this one gets a lot of random hits…)

Sunday Sightseeing (… but this one? Umm, why?)

In Defense of Baby Dolls and Boobs (The word “boobs” is here, but.. well, ok)

But the number one spam-a-licious post ever with an average of two spam comment attempts A DAY!....

Nerd Appreciation Day –not really-

Which.. is just… odd.

Anyway, I hope that my continual use of the “reject” button will eventually lead them to getting bored and finding another blog to stalk.

Happy Monday / February!


Liz Ditz said...

I don't know much about blogspot, cause I use typepad

I have the same problem. After 2 spam comments, OFF goes the comment option.

Well, mostly. I have some old posts about that seem to need to stay open.

Claudya Martinez said...

This seems to be happening to a lot of people.