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FOX + Kids and Comedians (and a shameless plug)

Happy Friday!

A few videos and a bit of video related news for you this morning…

I am going to be returning to Good Day Sacramento tomorrow morning at 8 am. You should be able to watch it live on their website… and I will hopefully get it linked up here later this weekend.

But to tide you over until you can watch me talk with my hands and try to avoid saying “ummm” 12 times in three minutes, here are a few videos!

First off, my continuing crush on Jon Stewart as he does a Gln Beck impersonation to beat the band.

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Next, What happens when you mix well meaning but out of touch ad people with pop culture. Burger King has had some very creepy commercials in its time (Waking Up With The King” being pretty high on that list), but this one just takes the cake.

And lastly… let’s put together our motife of making fun of Fox News an wonky children’s pop culture…. That’s right, you guessed it: Sesame Street.

Not only is the famous street turning 40 this week (wow!) but they made it into the news for allergy overstepping the bounds in relation to, you guessed it, Fox News.

In the October 29th episode, Oscar the Grouch — the founder of the Grouch News Network (GNN) — receives a phone call from what appears to be a female muppet complaining that GNN isn’t grouchy enough.

“I am changing the channel,” she says to Oscar. “From now on I am watching ‘Pox’ News. Now there is a trashy news show.”

Apparently POX News is too close to FOX News for the comfort level of FOX News.

What do you think?

Ok all… that’s it for me for now… enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to click on over to Good Day Sacramento for my TV spot!


Claudya Martinez said...

Woo hoo! Kick a$$!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Jon Stewart video, obviously I didn't see TDL that night.
Loved the clip from Sesame.
The Burger King is so creepy the video you showed is scarier than Halloween and Trick r Treat put together!

p.s. got the book in the mail. YAY!