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25 is the new 50

According to this lady, women in Scotland should follow the trends of the oh so fashionable and enviable women in London and start getting Botox in their mid 20s.

First thing, is this an actual trend? Are women in their mid 20s getting injections as a way to make their faces firmer and younger looking? How crappy would your face have to look at 25 for you to consider Botox? How low would your self esteem have to be?

Second thing: Ew!

It’s bad enough that the media likes to celebrate youth with the sort of hyper drool fest that I celebrate fresh baked cookies or Jon Stewart. (It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s not for everyone.)


My point is that our fascination with youth is not just gross (cookie crumbs flying everywhere) but also dangerous.

When a Ralph Lauren model gets fired for being too fat (oh my god, size 4… what a cow!) and people start thinking that women in their mid 20s need Botox, we have some serious issues on our hands and faces and asses.

Issues that can really only be solved with education, experience, and positive role models.

This horse isn’t dead… I will keep hitting it.

Join me... let's celebrate laugh lines, wisdom wrinkles, and the fact that we have waists bigger than our heads.


Jay said...

Botox at any age is kinda crazy, but for women in their 20's?? That's just silly.

Claudya Martinez said...

Oh no, you really need to start early before the wrinkles set in. An ounce of prevention, my dear... I hope you know I'm kidding.

Anonymous said...

Gee, when I was in my 20s the shallow femmes were busy rearranging their faces (nose jobs. chin jobs, hairlines moved, cheek implants) and bodies (boob jobs, lipo).
Now there's also hair and eyelash weaves, bootie implants and eyeliner tattoos.
Who has time for Botox when you're busy doing all that? ;)

Unknown said...

You are so right! Kaylia you have to watch this video from Mom Logic. I know you'll appreciate the sarcasm-

*Also thanks for the book. Looks good and I hope to read it soon.