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Faded H and Red

Ok… Can’t just do one photo meme… Or, I guess I could, but why do one when you could do three?

Especially when you can use one photo for two memes! Oh! Like killing birds, you know.. with the one stone?

I hate birds.

Here we go then… for the Weekly Word Challenge or WWC:


My sunburn has pretty much faded. Also, the tan is gone. Allow me to point out that it isn’t even half way through August… and I live next to the beach.

and H:

I had no idea what to do for this… and then the nice people at Huggies sent me a sample.
I have no idea why they felt I was in need… or desire… for a newborn diaper, but there you go.

And look, that Huggies photo is nice and red, making it an appropriate entry into Ruby Tuesday!

And just in case the Ruby Tuesday gods demand their own photo, here is a slightly blurry photo of the blooming rose bud on my very own Valentine’s Day rose bush.

The Maifan-San gave me the bush for Valentine’s Day.. but we all know that I kill plants, so I sent this one off to live in Santa Maria with a nice family…. Where it seems to be doing just fine.

There you go! Happy Tuesday!


Tink said...

Huggies sent you a sample diaper for a kid you don't have? WTH? Bwahahaha. Great use of the words.

Anonymous said...

I think someone is pranking you... or else Huggies knows something you don't!
I hate squirrels.
Welcome to the WWC! :)

Annie said...

It's funny how certain unexpected things show up on one's radar. I saw and purchased New Born Huggies for a young woman friend last week. They are hard to find. Then, randomly, you receive a sample in the mail and show it here. One more sighting and I'll start questioning the possibility of grandchild in my immediately future. LOL

Jay said...

I would love it if companies sent me stuff to review. But Huggies? Um, I guess they just assumed that every female in the blogosphere who reviewed anything was a Mommy Blogger.

Thanks for playing! Great job with the words!

Next week's words are "Favorite Story" and "West."

But, you probably already knew that cause you're a member of the Facebook group. ;-)

Carletta said...

Hi Kay,
I think you pulled off both memes wonderfully! Welcome back.
I laughed at your "I kill plants so I sent it off to live in Santa Maria" - too funny.

Gramps said...

I was going to say what kc already said: Huggies knows something you don't!

hip chick said...

Does the sunburn count as a ruby Tuesday post?

Dianne said...

you are absolutely bronze compared to me
I am such an old white woman

love your shots and how you played 2 in 1

well done :)

Anonymous said...

Kaylia, Somewhat new to your blog. Is the Mafia-San your boyfriend? And why do you call him that?