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Where the Wild Bride Meatballs Play Basketball.

The horse might be dead, but beating it makes me feel better.

Why, why WHY are they remaking things instead of making new things?

It is bad enough when you revisit a franchise… Transformers, GI Joe, Buffy, the Smurfs (for crying out loud)!… but the onslaught of horrible remake movies is just getting worse.


A new Teen Wolf movie…

Because that is just what we needed.

Details here, if you must.

And if that wasn’t enough, guess what other movie is getting a remakeover?


--le sigh--

Ok, so recently I asked the movie studio gods to at least make films from books (not 80s pop culture) if they lacked the ability to create new films.

Be careful what you wish for.





I loved the books.. and who knows, maybe they will be cute movies… but while watching the previews, I might have thrown up a bit… on the inside…

Want to see a really really good movie? Click Here!


Jay said...

And they are getting ready to remake "Footloose" with Zach Efron. That is going to suck soooooo bad.

I'm kind of hopeful about the remake of Barbarella with Rose McGowan though. That could be hot. ;-)

Dave Haaz-Baroque said...

I'm actually hopeful about the fim version of 'Where the Wild Things Are'... Ordinarily, I would think that it sounds like a terrible idea, but the film is being done by Spike 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' Jonze.

The people who saw the advanced screenings on Ain't It Cool News absolutely loved it, but the studio may reshoot much of it since, apparently, it was much MUCH too disturbing for the children in the audience.

Dave Haaz-Baroque said...

Sorry, correction, MICHEL GONDRY did 'Eternal Sunshine', Spike Jonez did 'Being John Malchovich'... I don't know why, but I always get Gondry and Jonze mixed up, possibly because they're stylistically similar.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Heh I loved Eternal Sunshine... I think I am going to have Matthew watch it with me this weekend :)

Dave Haaz-Baroque said...

I love 'Eternal Sunshine', but I feel wrecked for DAYS after seeing it. That' film totally tears your heart straight out of its ribcage.