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Fancy Shoe Fashion Faux Pas

Lady O!

(not to be confused with Baby O…)

… who would probably appreciate it if I called her something more “big girl” and less “baby”, but whatever.

Anyway, Lady O! was seen at a charity event recently sporting shoes that are estimated to sell for over $500.


I know that one must dress to impress and that wearing fancy clothes is a staple of most of the people in the spotlight… but really?

Over $500 for these?

They aren’t even that cute!

Tsk Tsk Lady O.


maryt/theteach said...

And she wore short gray socks to match! I really do like them. And what the hell, Kay, it's only money! Ha! I answered what I did re the sneezing cashier and the swine flu. I quoted you. :)

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

No. They aren't even cute even a little. that your daughter? She's adorable!!! And she has a box train!!! I want a box train!!!

Carmi said...

500 bucks for a pair of semi-fancy sneakers? I want to meet the genius who's built a business plan on that. The profit margins must be huge!

(You'd think Keds would be good enough. Come to think of it, I almost got married in a pair of red Converse Hi-Tops. Now THAT'S a pair of sneaks!)

Pia K said...

Gosh, they are horrible, talk about tasteless for anyone over the age of 5!:( I really wouldn't wear them even if I got them for free, right to the charity shop with them IMHO.

So, that kind of solves the issue, sell them, Lady O, and give the money to someone who needs it more...