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Windows, light and dark.

Good morning!

Here is my 2nd attempt to join the fun at the new Windows Photo Meme

First off we have the photo I posted last week when I jumped the gun.

Again, I love parts of down town San Jose. This is one of the views from one of the Starbucks. I took this shot one moreing (with my phone no less) while reading the paper and listening to the city wake up.

And here is this week’s photo:

I took this when I was on vacation with The Maifan-San in Portland last September. It was just a random little alley between buildings but for some reason I liked the way it looked.

Happy Thursday!


Annie Jeffries said...

That is one fine cell phone camera you have. And I agree - the Portland picture is very enticing. It was begging to be noticed. Good for you.

Le Butterfly said...

Like both photos - good angles.
The first one is very modern.
Like the colouring of the second

Meg said...

Nice photos.

I was especially intrigued with the windows in San Francisco and all of the interesting stuff displayed in or hanging out of them.

You have a good eye.

Dianne said...

the B&W is like a movie poster! what a great angle

Unknown said...

Very cool. I like the way it looks too.

Samantha & Mom said...

Cool window photo's!! The Portland one is neat in tha 3 windows look like they are lit and one isn't!
Your FL furiends,

C. JoyBell C. said...

You know what? I love windows photography! I have some of my own! is my tradition...I shall not bow down to the formalities of the meme...LOL!!! :)

Great shots you got there! :)

lisahgolden said...

I love the lines and perspective of the 2nd photo. It's really, really good!