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On The List

I recently put an ad up on Craig’s List.

Before you get all excited or indignant on behalf of Matthew… I put up two different ads to try to sell some of my furniture that won’t fit into my new apartment.

I have never sold anything on Craig’s List before… and I have never bought anything from there either.

Although I did use the site to find that apartment I lived in a few years back… The building was in downtown SJ and had the charm of an old Spanish style villa.

It also had the charm of an ant problem (amazing seeing how I didn’t eat or cook there), an infestation of honey bees (over a hundred of them took up residence in my kitchen), and rats in the walls.

But I am optimistic that not everything that is advertised on Craig’s List is bad…

… after all my furniture is quite nice, it is just too big.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

oooo, How much for the big comfy chair???

Kay said...

Asking $25, but if you were planning on coming to help me move I think we could work out something cheaper :P

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Good lord!!! How in the world did you make all these abide together under one roof?? LOL!