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The Not So Great Eight

Just a reminder about my new and awesome baby blog for reviewing such things as I deem worthy of review… or get for free with the understanding that I will review them….

I have a new review up.

The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton!


In other words, I severely disliked reading this book and had I not told the nice publisher people that I would read it and write about it there is no doubt in my mind that I would have quit very early on and never ever ever finished it.

And I was all ready to lambaste this book, to mock it, to rip it apart, to go point by point and tell you all exactly how and why it was a colossal waste of my time.

But then I realized something…. This book isn’t my sort of book, but it might be just what the doctor ordered for other people. With that in mind, I have prepared the following list.

Reasons you should read “The Great Eight” by Scott Hamilton.

You love Scott Hamilton and reading his earlier memoir was not enough.

You enjoy relearning concepts about happiness from a book instead of where said concepts are normally found: greeting cards.

You have a deep appreciation for exclamation points!

You have the attention span of a gnat.

To read the entire review Click Here!


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

uh-uh... starting a new blog already? Oh no, before long, you will have.... eight of them! I don't think I can keep up with that! Yikes!

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

"you have the attention span of a gnat" .... ha ha ha ah ah ha! ha ha ah ah ha!

HA HA!!!!