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It’s that time again.. time for sin!

Welcome to my mini-meme

Kay's Seven Deadly Sins Meme

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The Sin of the Week this time around is Greed.

Also Known As: The pursuit of things to the extreme as a way of denying them to others.

Basically, when you want something not because you need it, but because you don’t want someone else to have it.

And… I am out of thoughts.

Greed is something I don’t really get. I am sure I have been greedy at one point or another in my life… but honestly it is hard to think of an example besides that one time in Sunday School when I ate all the animal cookies because little Danielle had called me a name and I knew how much that little rolly polly child liked her cookies. It was a retaliatory gorging that made her cry and made me sick and well, I think I learned my lesson.

Of course I could link to AIG or other well documented occurrences of corporate greed, but that seems a bit too on the nose.

I guess the most common sort of greed that I deal with is a strong aversion to sharing. Not everything… in fact there are a lot of things I am more than happy to share if I can, my food, my books, my movies, my CDs, my opinions, my bed (with the right person), my space, my time, my cooking (hey! It happens sometimes), my money, my clothes,….

Mostly happy to share.

There are times when, well, not so much. When I want my room to myself. When I want the ice cream container to be Kay’s Ice Cream, Not For You. When I want quality time with my boyfriend or my sisters or my gal pals without having to vy for their attention or affection.

But mostly, I share well with others.

The idea of sharing has been on my mind the last few months. My current lease iwill be over next month and I am preparing to move. I might end up living alone but there is a very real possibility that I might end up living with someone else… living with a stranger. The last time I did this, it did not turn out well.

I am scared. I am scared of having to share my space with a stranger. I am scared of having to share my stuff with a stranger.

It boils down to HAVING to share instead of choosing to share.

I know I will be fine…. A period of transition and viola! Everything will be hunky dorey, but in the meantime I am trying to remind myself not to be greedy.

I know this post wandered off topic a bit and really wasn’t very well done… Greed is such a weird concept tht it can be hard to wrap my head around it.

Oh well, now it’s your turn… show us all how great you can write about Greed!

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Raven said...

Oh, boy. Sorry about your move. I hope you find a great place and someone good to share it with. My house is small but I do have an extra bedroom. From time to time I think I should make it available to someone. I don't think I could stand it, though. I've lived alone too long. Not sure I could share the TV or the computer... or just the space. Interesting take on greed. I think that's an area where I'm greedy too even though I'm often lonely.

Anndi said...

I was raised an only child but I don't get greed. Yes, I like my quiet time... but that's just a part of being well adjusted enough to be able to spend time without another person to distract us.
I have two homes that I'm combining into one... there's extra furniture and appliances... all I need is a good charity to give it to.

ok... maybe I'm greedy about brownies.

SoFine09 said...

Thanks for commenting on my Greed Blog and my Candy Violet Blog! And your welcome on joining your meme. :D I guess I can't say "every" single women. Strong word eh?

Mojo said...

I knew what I was gonna do for "Greed" as soon as this started. It was a slam dunk. I understand the concept -- that's easy. I don't understand the motivation behind it though. It will -- as we're seeing in the headlines every single day -- come back to bite you. Maybe not immediately, but it will come back to you. As it already has for the guys in my example.

So that only leaves "Pride"... and I still haven't figured out how to photograph that. That'll be a toughie.

James at Galaxy Dallas said...

I see the motivation of greed as being a deep-seated fear of not having enough and then there are those that have a sense of entitlement. Most people are greedy and don't even realize it. Whether you're the person in line at the buffet taking the last piece of pizza when there are already two on your plate or you cut someone off on the highway because you don't think you're going fast enough. To me those are different manifestations of greed. Oh, and downright inconsiderate!

Anthroslug said...

Well, my entry is in - not one of my better entries (sorry).

Anonymous said...

Greed is one of mine. Not generally out of a desire to deny something to someone else so much as a genuine complete disregard for others. Not the pissed-off "who cares what you wanted?" kind of disregard, mind you. I just tend to genuinely forget that there are other in the world who also have desires and needs. It's one of the few aspects of my personality I will actually call a flaw sometimes.

So, for example, if I sleep with your girlfriend,in that moment, you literally do not exist to me. Unless you're in the room or something, but that's back to lust again.

Oh, and I still insist that I did nothing wrong in that situation unless I told you that I wouldn't.