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Fire, Books, Conspiracy Theories, Taxes... and Sex

Today is April 15th.

Tax day.

For a wonderfully written diatribe about why you shouldn’t be complaining about paying your taxes, head on over to Greta Christina’s blog.

Today is also the day in which one of my favorite TV shows of all time Rescue Me returns for its 5th season.

Tommy Gavin: one of the darkest and most complex faces on TV... and what a face!

Y’all really should check this marvelous show out. (The first four seasons are on so no excuses!) An interesting aside to this news is the recent find that one of the main actors on the show (Hey Franco!) happens to be one of the 911 conspiracy theorists who believe that the whole thing was an inside job.

I don’t tend to agree…. But I will still watch the show. Heck, he isn’t the first actor to have a view I disagree with. In fact… he isn’t the first person who’s political views I disagree with. And compared to say people like Jenny McCarthy who is actively trying to hurt people… well, I can live with the fact that he believes in something I find silly. Many people do.

Speaking of conspiracy theories… or at the very least possible censorship, have y’all been following the goings on over at Amazon? It seems that they are suffering form some odd ‘glitches” that have a few groups up in arms. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

In other news, I worked on a short story last night… It is the one that I got the idea for in mid January, right before my world turned all topsy turvey. I am looking forward to finishing it soon… despite the fact that it has nothing really to do with what happened in January, I think I will sleep easier once it is done.

And lastly... here is a slightly NSFW (depending on where you work) video that made me laugh.

Happy “Hump” Day / Pay Day / Wednesday!


Mojo said...

heh. Leave it to a chick to exploit shrinkage.

And now I gotta hurry 'n' click, 'cause my word verification is "firste" and I don't wanna make it out a liar.

Mojo said...

Okay so that's done. I really thought the "sex" part was gonna be related to the chain and padlock photo... What's that say?

But now I gotta go back to your archives and try to remember the January story... that wasn't about the guy that chased you down for kicking his car was it?

Jay said...

Oh man. 9/111 "truthers" crack me up. And scare the hell outta me at the same time.

I'm gonna click on that post about taxes and try to keep an open mind. I'm not so sure about the fairness of the tax code. I hope she doesn't piss me off. I'm having a good day.

/kidding about her pissing me off. ;-)

maryt/theteach said...

Kay, I rolled on the floor with that video! And as for overweight people paying for two seats - I'm sure you wouldn't mind if there were larger seats that larger people had to pay a surcharge for. I really do sympathize with you about being crushed into the corner by a large person. I have been crushed on planes most of the time because the seats are TOO SMALL. I flew JetBlue recently and sat in row 10 (11 is good too) and it all felt so much more roomy.
I just think we always take the easiest way out - charge overweight people two seats - instead of thinking of other options. What about short people, old people, what if they said children under age 5 couldn't fly anymore because they cry and disturb other customers? Anyway I'm sure we'll continue to agree on 99.9% of things... :)