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Announcement Time!

Yes, there have been rumors… yes there have been hints and speculations…

Here is the official announcement!

I am moving to Santa Cruz!

Not for another 19 days… but still.

I am so totally stocked!

The new apartment is teeny tiny and doesn’t really have a kitchen as much as a stove and a sink next to a fridge (read: no real counters) but that’s ok seeing how I don’t really cook.

It is a 5 minute walk to downtown with all the coffee shops and shopping… and a 20 minute walk to the beach.

Go ahead, read that last part again. Then wipe away the drool and be happy for me.

Moving is going to be a hassle of epic proportions seeing how it is a good 45 minute drive away (over Highway 17) and the Maifan-San won’t be around to help.

But I am blessed with a gaggle of family and friends who love me enough to help me move…. So I am not overly worried about the logistics.

Worried, yes. Overly worried, no.

I actually started packing on Sunday… all the books, DVDs, VHSs (remember those?) and even some of the kitchen stuff and miscellaneous other items all got packed up. I will be attempting to sell my dinning room set and my recliner, and yes I know I have a bit of time before moving day… but again, I am tremendously excited.

Santa Cruz baby, Yay!!!!!


Jay said...

Living in walk to the beach range? Oh I'm jealous!

Mojo said...

Okay, walk to the beach? You're skating way close to triggering a deadly 5th in my heart. (Or one of the seven deadlies anyway... I can never keep them straight.)

But there's something about Banana Slugs that I don't think I could get used to.

C. JoyBell C. said...

You're moving!!?? Is that what's been keeping you so busy lately?? :)

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

I have yet to see a real life B-Slug.... not really looking forward to it either to be honest.

And yes C-Joy my friend, that is indeed hy I have been busy :)