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I am doing a WalkAThon!

April 25th in SF: The Walk Against Rape to raise money for San Francisco Women Against Rape

If you would like to help me (and the organization out) please make a donation by visiting my Firstgiving page.

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And thank you soooo much in advance!


Gypsika said...

Hi Kay,
thank you for writing such kind words on my blog. I do appreciate it. I struggled hard with my decision to post something to vile and yet personal online. I can't say I regret it.

I have been in an abusive relationship for years and always covered for him, you know, the typical victim response, thinking it was really all my fault and HE was the victim who couldn't help but express his anger in abusive ways. I know better now.

This is a huge step towards freedom for me. He found out about me going public with his insults and said he would never talk to me again. That would mean I would never hear his insults and abuse again!!! I can hope he makes good on his "threat".

If I were in Frisco right now I'd join you on the walk. I have suffered sexual abuse as well, although I'd say short of actual rape. I am glad you are taking action for women's rights.


We are stronger than we think and we will overcome.

Gypsika said...

PS: It just so happened that April 25th was the day I was legally married to the man who's been hurling all those insults at me. I will be there in spirit with you in San Francisco on that meaningful day.

lisahgolden said...

Good for you! You do put your energy behind the causes you believe in!