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Earlier today my blogroll went something like this:

· Bad Astronomy
Ten Things You Don’t Know About the Sun
· Why? What Have You Heard?
Two4Tuesday #2: "Big/Small"
· Friendly Atheist
They Know Why Atheists Reject Christianity
· Dr. John's Fortress
A Word in Prayer
· The Blowfish Blog
[The Pro Circuit] Reading Playboy For the Articles
· Anthroslug the Much Put-Upon
Japan Photos - the First of Many
… I had to smile.

One of the best things about blogging (both reading and writing) is the chance to learn (perhaps we learn) and the chance to see different perspectives. Now, I don’t go crazy on this concept, there are a few points of view that I would rther not read, but I do love that the ‘net is such an eclectic place to hang out.


Jay said...

I also love the diversity of blogs and all the different views on life and whatever else that can be found in the bloggerhood.

Although there are a few that drive me crazy too. But, oh well, I don't have to read those.

As for my blogroll, I haven't done anything to it in months. In fact I kind of hate my blogroll. It's such a hassle sometimes. haha

Dianne said...

I was thinking about you this morning. You and Lust have been on my mind for days - talk about the power of the net! ;)

I loved your Ruby Tuesday - I have a thing for lines and angles.