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Tiny Tidbits of Tech-Scary News

Welcome to this week’s edition of Things To Read… in other words, random tid bits of news.

Basically things that you can talk about with your co-workers at the coffee pot should your company not be like my company where there is no more free coffee.

Not that we’re bitter.

Moving on….. We have a theme today… Technological advances that are both interesting and also a bit scary.

In the area of gadgets I am sure you have all heard about the new teeny tiny ipod. (About the size of a AA battery). Well if that isn’t enough to make you pause and think slightly fuzzy thoughts about how small is too small… here is another bit of interesting technology. This filmmaker who lost his eye years ago is working on making a camera that will be implanted into his empty eye socket…. So that he can get the really really real feel to his future documentaries. If you are anything like me… you were filled with equal parts “What a cool idea’ and “How insanely creepy!” The possibilities are staggering. One can only hope that some discretion will be involved with something like this.

Speaking about technology that can be used for evil or good depending on which side you happen t sit… here is an interesting article about chemical castration for sex offenders. Apparently, the Czech Republic has been doing it for years and other European countries are weighing the pros and cons. I’m a fan… but that’s just me.

But wait… here is some actual happy exciting YAY Science! news for you. Researchers are doing amazing work on being able to detect ovarian cancer earlier. Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly cancers, in part because the symptoms are so vague that women often are not diagnosed until it is too late. "The initial findings of this long-term study are encouraging, particularly because almost half of the ovarian cancers detected were at an early stage (stage 1), when survival rates can be as high as 90 percent,"

And then we have this… because whenever there is a new technology, there is going to be some idiot who is.. well, an idiot. The idiot in question here decided in the midst of a break in to tweet about the experience.

And just when you thought that all of humanity might be doomed… here is a story that starts off silly and gets sweet.

You might remember Michael Phelps… and you might remember Michael Phelps and his bong… and you even might remember that Kellogg got upset with Michael Phelps and his bong and decided to kick him away from the endorsement gravy train. What you might not have thought about is what happened to all the boxes of cereal that already had been printed with the smiling face of America’s current “Oops boy.” Enter San Francisco’s homeless shelters who received something like two tons of castoff cereal making Michael Phelps and his bong a godsend for the hungry.

Not sure I can top that…. Happy thoughts!


C. JoyBell C. said...

Wait...the size of a battery? That's like something that you could fit into your lol lol...I mean...I'm just saying...that's waaaay too small! lol!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

I think that would make it a vPod.


C. JoyBell C. said...

Aha ha ha hah a ha ahah h a! vpod...eeeewwwwwwwwah! ha hah a!