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Sin: Gluttony

It’s that time again.. time for sin!

Welcome to week 3 of my mini-meme

Kay's Seven Deadly Sins Meme

(still not an artist)

(Again special thanks to those of you playing and those of you reading. If you want to find out about how to play, Read This.)

Our next Sin is: Gluttony.

This is actually a “sin” I fall victim to a bit more often than I would like to admit.

When I think of gluttony, I think of excess. Gorging yourself on something… food, booze, sleep, World of Warcraft, mochas, TV, Skittles, Free Cell, …

All of these things are good in moderation, in fact a lot of things out there in this wide wide world are good in moderation, but should one go overboard and start eating, drinking, participating, whatever, on these things full throttle to the exclusion of either more healthy things or common sense, well, that is gluttony.

My biggest gluttony trap is food. Its true. I can overeat with the best of them and I have this annoying habit of not being able to have just one (slice of pie, piece of coffee cake, cookie, bowl of popcorn, bowl of cereal, packet of candy corn, handful of crackers…

Cookies are perhaps the worst. I buy a package thinking that I will make it last for a few weeks… an occasional cookie as a treat, as a reward for getting the laundry done or the story written or the bedroom all tidied up… and instead I end up eating the whole package in practically one sitting.

What’s the big deal you might ask/ Well, besides the obvious “unhealthy’ aspect to dinners of cookies, gluttony is really a sin about control; about letting an appetite or desire become so overwhelming that it dictates actions and leads us down a destructive path.

In essence, we give our self power to something else… and that can be dangerous.

Okay, story time. The following is one of those ‘most embarrassing moments” kind of stories, but unlike the time I flashed a woman on the train or sang all off key in choir, or fell down the stairs back in high school… this story is both embarrassing and not at all funny. In fact, thinking about it makes me cringe and seriously consider changing this week’s sin.

But, we learn through experiences and maybe by reliving this one I will find the inner strength to ignore yet another bag of cookies.

It was 9th grade, I was 13 and had just made the leap from teeny tiny private school to big scary public school. After what seemed like eating lunch by myself forever I had actually managed to glom onto a group of girls who all seemed very sophisticated and worldly to little shy me. (Yes, back then, I was shy… I still am quite a bit.)

One of the things this group of girl did was gather outside a classroom during morning break. The classroom in question was where the Spanish club would sell candy year round as a sort of fundraiser. They must have made some serious bank feeding the sugar starved masses of students… and I was definitely part of that crowd. Every morning I would buy a pack of Skittles. The one bag would last me the rest of the day… in my mind it was the perfect way to spend 50 cents.

It was no secret that I had what I jokingly called a Skittle-Addiction, and my friends teased me usually without rancor but one morning one of the girls in the group decided to teach me a lesson. I will call her Nancy.

I emerged from the “Candy Room” with my bag of Skittles and took up my spot toward the back of the group ready to hang out, talk, giggle, and watch the boys as was a pretty normal part of the group’s morning routine. Nancy came up behind me and in one quick movement she snatched the bag of Skittles out of my hand.

What followed was humiliating. She taunted me with my bag of candy shifting it back and forth from one hand to the other. She said some typically cruel teenager things and most of the group laughed… even I laughed a little because what else was there to do?

Then she told me she was going to keep the candy and that I needed to get over my candy addiction… she said she was doing it for my own good. Well this bothered me on a few levels, one was obviously that she was being a condescending brat, but also I didn’t have much money, I didn’t get to buy lunch like everyone else and I had to be frugal. My daily bag of Skittles was (in my opinion anyway) my one vice. Also, it just seemed mighty unfair of her to do this to me. I stopped laughing.

In fact I demanded she give it back to me. She, perhaps noticing that she was in a position of power now, decided that I would need to work for it. She told me I had to go stand at the end of the hallway for thirty seconds and if I moved off of my spot she would keep and eat them but if I obeyed her, I would get the candy back. At first several of the girls thought she was joking… but she was insistent and kept pointing at the designated spot with authority.

The woman I am today would most definitely react differently. But at the time I was young and stupid and afraid of losing my “friends”. I also really really wanted my stupid candy.

So I went, and I stood on the damn spot while she counted.

At “Thirty” she laughed and tossed me the Skittles. I caught them (small miracle) and went to class.

I am ashamed to say that I cried.

I was mortified… and angry… but not really at her. Sure, she was the catalyst for what had happened but I felt that I had betrayed myself by giving into her like that. I had let myself be bullied because I wanted the candy and because I just didn’t know what else to do.

Even now, I feel ashamed.

I would love to say that after that I learned my lesson of gluttony and that I don’t let my desires and my appetites rule my actions but like everyone I make mistakes as I walk through life and there are countless empty containers of cookies that can attest that I do comfort myself with food more often than I should.

I don’t know what happened to Nancy… I do know that I left that group of girls not too long after that and to this day only keep in reserved distant contact with a few of them. I know I am probably the only one who remembers the incident.

Writing this has had a few affects… 1. I really want to go buy a pack of Skittles and 2. I am not going to because really I don’t need them.

Instead I am going to do a few crunches and go to bed.

OK…. Now it’s your turn!


Jay said...

Kids are cruel. They also seem to instinctively know just exactly what would be the most embarrassing, humiliating or hurtful thing to do or say at the perfect moment. That's why I don't have any. Mean little shits.

Okay, so here's what I'm going to do. I'm way behind. I still haven't even done my Wrath post. So, I'm going to do Gluttony on Sunday night/Monday morning and then go back and catch up on Wrath next week. mmkay? ;-)

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Sure thing Jay :) whenever.

And yes kids can be horrible.

Thank goodness a lot of them become decent as adults... but there are still a whole slew of horrible adults out there...

Trust me, I think I dated half of them.

Mojo said...

And I married the other half. No I kid. No, really.

I'm probably more guilty of this one than any of the others. I do not suffer moderation well. In anything. I'm better about it than I used to be, but only because I'm (more) aware of it now. In fact, I thought your eating an entire bag of cookies at one whack was a perfectly reasonable idea. It was the idea that a bag of cookies would last "a few weeks" that I found unfathomable.

But I anticipated this one. Actually I was really looking forward to this one because in order to get a photo depicting gluttony I was gonna have to go do some... er... gluttonizing.

And your candy episode? That was every stinking day of my miserable life from the first day of middle school until probably the middle of my sophomore year of high school. Which is why every time I hear someone long for their childhood again, I twitch and think "no.fuckin'.way!"

Raven said...

Oh, my! I almost forgot about sin season. I will come back tomorrow and read yours and write something. I have just gluttoned my way through too much dinner and can't possibly write about anything, even gluttony.

Anonymous said...

Gluttony - probably my biggest sin. I am the sort of person who thinks 'why ruin a healthy eating plan by having a piece of chocolate/cookie/slice of cake/other chocolate laden goodie each day, just eat it all now and then get on with eating properly tomorrow or maybe the next day'. In fact early in my relationship with man-child we were sharing a block of chocolate. We didn't finish it before he had to go to class. I was working from home, ate the rest of the chocolate then went to the shop and bought a replacement and ate the first rows of it so he wouldn't be disgusted by my gluttony.

Raven said...

So where are all the gluttons? I can't believe only three of us (you being the hostess HAD to) were brave enough to tackle this one.

What a painful story you shared. I think I would have done exactly what you did...

I finally posted some incoherent ramblings. Sorry I'm late.

Raven said...

Oh rats... I missed a week, didn't I? (Just read Jay's comment.) Time seems to be slipping away from me these days. Sigh. Not sure if I'll just let that one pass or if I'll try to catch up out of order. Is indecision a sin?

Unknown said...

I'm not brave at all. I just find a song to interpret the sin! Watch it. The Finn brothers are were rather cute in the 90's. :-)

Girls are the cruelest of all. A villa of cruellas can do a lot of harm to their victims. More than once I went all Wonder Woman on girls who got picked on. ;-)

Anthroslug said...

Okay, my blog is up. Rather than talking about my own gluttony (I tried, not very interesting), I instead wrote about gluttony as a by-product of a common type of festival in hunter/gatherer communities.

C. JoyBell C. said...

omg! you really wrote that much all about gluttony! ha ah ah ha ahha h ah a! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Kay, I've just put up my Gluttony post... I hope you forgive me for being so late! I'll be on time for the next one - Friday ir Saturday right? I'm sorry those girls were so unkind - St. Thomas is going to make them eat rats, toads and snakes in Hell. Gotta read my post... Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to call you out like that, but yours is not really a story about gluttony. It's a powerful and painful story, I'm sure, but your mistake was not allowing the desire for the candy to control your actions, rather it was allowing a catty bitch to control your actions.

It's a mistake we all make at least once in our lives, and usually far more often than that.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Ry: True… the story was about the catty girl… but the same idea works It hink. I was giving away my “self power” if you will to someone because of my appetite for the candy. It might not be the best example but I think it works.

I am looking forward to your “Gluttony” piece… you have a few more days : )

Anonymous said...

OK, it's up. Forgive the lateness of my reply, but the new girlfriend is a time sink, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :D