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Morning Red

Guess what? It’s Tuesday! You know what that means right?

I skipped last weekt… I was busy falling out of bed and brainstorming my very first mini-meme. (There is still time to get your lusty blog posts in before Friday!)

Anyway, tonight I am doing laundry and working on a short story… so a bit of a lazy RT for you all this time around.

A Ruby Tuesday Photo Journey to the local Light Rail stop.


The city of San Jose has decided to decorate the LR stops (perhaps they thought that art would lend a sense of class and sophistication)… and the one that is nearest to my apartment is lucky enough to be done in hues of red.

For your consideration…. Light Rail Random Artwork.

Like a lot of art there is no real reason for this except for aesthetic value. That old, “Oh look, pretty!”

But why stop at random structures that sever no practical purpose when you could decorate the ground upon which we stand shivering while the trains run (somewhat) on time?

For your consideration part two…. Light Rail Random Ground Art.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is neat that they do this… although I do wonder about how much it cost and if maybe that money could have been used for something more practical… but fine, art, good.

This last shot I took one morning on my way to work… the sky was red, the stop light was red… and the whole thing made me rather wish I wasn’t in the city but out somewhere with a better view.

Oh well, at least I got a pretty view… see, sometimes it is worth it to get up at O’Dark-Thirty.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


C. JoyBell C. said...

Ok...first of all..what IS a meme? I keep on reading "meme" on blogs, all over the place! What does it even mean, anyway?

And second of all...I gotta go eat lunch! wee hee! I'll get back to this later...

oh before I forget...I just got a blog roll, and you're on it! :)

Columbo said...

Clever shots of red. I like the capture you've done. Have a great Ruby Tuesday.

Linnea said...

Wonderful RT shots. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that public art around the transport hubs the next time I'm in SJ. Great sunset...we had that up here too a few days ago. Hi from San Ramon...

Robin said...

I agree with the city planners - street art has an intrinsic value all its own, just by virtue of its being.

Gorgeous sunset. I get that "wish I had a better view" thing a lot here too - the building across the street always blocks my view.

Unknown said...

Great reds, Kay. Particularly the sunset.

Anonymous said...

love the pavement reds there!:)

Ralph said...

Art is art, not to be defined one way or the other. Since San Jose wants art in public, who could argue with that??

But that sky scene is stunning, itself looking like a painting with its vibrant pastels. In a frame, I have a wall that this would be perfect...