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Good-bye March!

Happy Tuesday everyone. Nope, no RT this week… way too much going on in the Casa De Kay…. Plus the photos of my first sunburn of the season would probebaly be slightly NSFW….

Anyway, a few news articles that I felt like sharing.

First off, some nice news from your friendly neighborhood Walgreen’s. Not only is Walgreen’s one of the few places in San Jose where one can buy a monthly bus pass without having to go all the way downtown and visit the delightful people at the VTA office (hours 9-5 M-F ONLY)…. Now there is another reason to love this chain. Free Medical Care for unemployed / uninsured. Cool eh?

Some more good news, The Make Work Pay Credit is supposed to roll out tomorrow… lets keep our fingers crossed. I know, an extra 10 – 15 bucks a week might not seem like a lot to you… but that is my Netflix account right there baby! And by Netflix account I mean “sanity.”

Also tomorrow is April first… April Fool’s Day…. (anyone remember the movie?) and in honor of that the whole interweb seems to be worked up and worried about the Conficker Worm. Just in case you are worried, here are some helpful tips… tonight might be a good time to back up your files and run a scan disk and such. I know I will. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Lastly, if the current economic conundrum (I got mocked for calling it a “crisis” the other day) is getting you down, have no fear. Uncle Sam is here to help. There is a new website to help you spot signs of depression and helpful links for getting help. This is the article that talks about it, and here is the site itself. I could make a snarky comment but I think that, again, in the spirit of safe vs sorry… this isn’t that bad of an idea. I do wonder if it will work or help. Ah well, at least we know they are trying.

Hmmm I was looking for a clip from the old “April’s Fools Day” movie… you know… from the the long long time ago....

… but all I could find were lame imitations like this example of classic cinema:

Gee… how in the world did I manage to miss that?

Oh right.. because despite my short lived loyalty to the show Ugly Betty, I usually have standards.

Have a good evening y’all… and may the playful fairies of April Fool’s Day delight you and not cause you too much stress.


Jay said...

I'm thinking the NSFW sunburn pic would have been the perfect accompany to this post. ;-)

Mojo said...

May I most vociferously second Jay's motion? He took the words right out of my... um... fingers.

James at Galaxy Dallas said...

I definitely agree that Netflix = sanity!

Anonymous said...

Superior blog post! Could you followup on this specific topic?