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A Comment on the Post

As I am sure you have heard, President Obama has used his mighty power of executive order to repeal Bush inspired legislation limiting Stem Cell research.

What this means: More research.

What this doesn’t mean: Human clones for everyone!

Long term ramifications besides the whole “more research” thing: This administration is trying to very clearly let us know that they are different from the last administration… and that they are trying to keep politics out of science. A worthy goal to be sure.

Random: While researching this bit of news I came across this article. Apparently over at the Washington Post they have a journalist on the books who’s job it is to comb through all the highly intellectual and articulate comments that Washington Post online articles inspire and then regurgitate a few select ones back at us.


Now, I am a big fan of comments.. on my blog, on the blogs that I read, on… blogs. And I even understand commenting on new stories to a certain extent. But this isn’t journalism. And this isn’t relevant. What it is… is a lot like reading a recap from youtube comments, things that will either make you mad or really really worried about the state of your fellow internet users. Or both.

What it really is, is totally unneeded and I just have to wonder if it says more about the journalistic principals of the Washington Post (or lack there of) or more about the readers of the Washington Post…. Or maybe it is a vicious cycle.

Either way, it seems rather silly to me.

What was the point again? Oh yes.. stem cell research.. Yay!


Jay said...

Newspapers and TV stations love to read emails and comments from "real" people because it gives them an excuse to use language and make accusations that they normally couldn't use. It's a sham. The "real" people are fake.

I'm totally in favor of the lifting of the Stem Cell Ban.

C. JoyBell C. said...

Stem cell research is something I have debating with myself (in my head) for quite a while already...

I mean...from both sides that you look at it...there are the good parts and the bad parts...

I am just creating a life worth destroying in behalf of saving another life...

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Jay: The real people are fake. Very true, in so many ways.

CCG: No... most of the stem cell research is done with embryos that would be destroyed anyway... it isn't like they are going out and impregnating women to harvest the stem cells.