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What Happened to Monday?


It’s Tuesday isn’t it? Drat.

I am a bit verclempt at the moment… and yes, I know that isn’t a word but sound it out and you will know how I feel. It is a heady mix of thankful and annoyed and glad and scared… with a dash of eventual procrastination.

I had the odd experience of looking around my apartment today and trying to figure out if I had anything worth selling. You know, like on EBay or Craig’s List or amazon… or somewhere. It isn’t that money is that tight… yet. It is just that money is going to be that tight soon.

The answer, by the way, is no. Unless someone out there wants clothing from my mistaken days of trying to be fashionable, candles that are all partly burned, or dog eared copies of novels that I am too snooty to reread and too nostalgic to throw away….

There are other things, things like CDs that probably everyone already owns, DVDs that no one should own, and a few pieces of PutItTogetherYourself furniture that I could live without. There are shoes I never wear, cheap jewelry I can’t stand, and an entire box of picture frames without any pictures in them. A big box.

What it all adds up to is an apartment full of crap that I don’t really need, don’t really want, and don’t really know what to do with. I could just chuck it all… but that seems wrong, and in today’s era of EBay and Craig’s List and the hundreds of stories that start off or end with “So I bought it, sold it, found it online….’ Well it seems wasteful!

The thing is, I am going to be moving in May. I don’t know where. I might be living alone, I might not… the only thing I know with relative certainty is that in order to bribe my friends and family into helping me, I need to have downsized the assortment of stuff involved in the process. Plus, studio apartments, like my checking account, are only so big.

Anyway, besides the dawning realization that Why \Yes, This Is a Recession… I just wanted to check in with y’all.

It is Tuesday, I have a quick RT to post and then it will be back to writing non blog type stuff and putting the eventual melt down freak out off for a few more weeks.


LizzGee said...

You could try Craigslist. Or if you can't get anyone to take these things you should totally donate then to the Salvation Army. I think they do pick ups. . .

Unknown said...

Oh, dear Kay

Your font is so tiny and my eyes so bleary. I'm exhausted, so forgive me if I have all of this totally bloody wrong: you're moving in May. You have a lot of junk you don't want and yes, virginia there is a recession going on. That's a lot. You have a lot on your plate.

Keep the faith. I will be thinking of you. Why are you moving? Just because you feel like it?

My SG1 is moving, too. To California. Probably The West Coast Riviera. Ha! I sure hope she finds a job...

g'night Kay

Jay said...

I hate moving. I've done it too many times. That's why I have so few things. I'll just throw them out anyway.

I've never used Craiglist, but I know a lot of people like it.

Anonymous said...

I love verclempt, it is a word that could work for me.

Good luck with the getting rid of 'stuff' before you move. I love moving, the excitement, the fear, the newness of everything and being able to close doors that need to be closed. That being said, I am terrible at ebaying, I have great intentions but get side tracked. Inevitably I end up opening the doors to friends and say, take what you want and take what you know I don't need. It works for me, and involves next to no effort. Have fun!