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Tales of Not-Quite Death

It is indeed Friday the 13th… time for Notes of the odd, or at the very least slightly morbid.

First off, a bit of local news: A local teen decided to kill himself in a manner popular in Japan , with internet bought chemicals. Unfortunately it affects anyone nearby and caused quite a bit of panic and drama for people all over the Silicon Valley yesterday. One of the hospitals had to shut down while officials figured out exactly what sort of chemical was being used and how dangerous it was for the public.

Call me morbidly old fashioned, but whatever happened to a belt and a fan? There have to be easier ways than ordering something online… Also, shouldn’t there be restrictions on stuff like this?

And just in case you think I am being overly callous, I do think the story is very sad…. But I am also a bit upset at the time energy and money that was wasted yesterday. Such a waste of resources.

Another not-quite death: An African television news Freudian slip that announced “Bush is dead” in a scrolling banner. It was only on screen for three seconds, but it was enough to make it news. Apparently, they were testing the banner scrolling technology… and for some reason “This is a test” wasn’t good enough.

Another bit of almost death news: The irresponsible twit who is now the happy mother of 14 not only has a website up where you can donate money but has also been receiving death threats.

Death threats bad, sending her money pretty bad as well.

And just in case you think that my sense of humor has somehow gone horribly ary, that I delight in snark, or that I am dark and twisty in unexplainable ways...

Here's proof!

Happy Friday the 13th!

(For any of you going out tonight, stay safe!)


Mojo said...

It's the "dark and twisty" that makes me love ya kiddo! You're beautiful, don't ever change.


Anonymous said...

Well, as for the suicide thing. I have to admit that if I were ever to the point that I wanted to off myself, I would PLAN to make my passing a huge event. A hospital closed? That's nothing compared to the insidious revenge I'd plot on the cruel world which would have driven me to such a fate!

umm... Hypothetically speaking, of course...

Anthroslug said...

You managed to work a video of Daleks into a post...oh, this will be the best Valentines day ever!

Jeff W Bach said...

Is it wrong that I laughed at these?

Jen said...

lmao! God I hate calling in, and they're closed...but their damn website insists they can be reached there, 24/7...and you can't do anything but wait and forget about it the next day...and in turn get a huge bill for something you don't want.

I think the best way to help Octipussy is to ignore it. Hopefully, it'll go away. That's what I've been doing, at least.

maryt/theteach said...

Kay, I love your sense of humor! Stay funny and twisted! Happy Valentine's Day to you! :P

Pagan Sphinx said...

Thanks for the sneers, Kay. I have a tendency toward the dark side myself. More so a long time ago. More so back when I was your age. Makes me feel old.

How do you feel about the donated breast milk to The Mother of Fourteen? Sorry, I have Milk Mind right. Come by TPS and you'll see why?

All the love,

Heathencat said...

I am amused by your dark sense of humour... keep it coming. :)
as for the oddness in ordering suicide materials online, it reminds me that recently the FDA decided to confiscate all electronic cigarettes coming over the border. (I'm part of a tobacco harm reduction group, so I care about this stuff!). at any rate, i hope this resolves itself soon, because i personally know quite a few people who have quit smoking "real" (and far more dangerous) cigarettes in favour for these electronic ones.
Weird. you can order "kill yourself" kits online... but everything else is scrutinised.... hmmm