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A few people wrote in blasting my assumptions regarding basketball in general and my views regarding the “Un-Christian-like” activities of the team that decimated their opposition. (Note: I was not the one to call their actions Un-Christian.)

Well I pride myself on a few things, making a meal out of Red Vines and Candy Corn is one… and trying to be balanced is another. Yes, I try.

So let me follow up my previous basketball rant with this one.

According to this article, in a rare and meaningful moment of sportsmanlike action, a basketball team “threw” two easy points as a sign of respect for the other team.

Johntel Franklin‘s mother had died on the day of the game and despite his grief, the teen came to watch his teammates play. When asked if they could do anything for him, he asked to join the game.

Enter sticky rule: Since he wasn’t part of the starting line-up, in order to add him to the game the other team would get two free throws… thus, points. The other team didn’t want the points, they just wanted him to be allowed to play. But rules are rules.

Enter sportsmanlike conduct. The captain of the team missed the two shots on purpose and the game continued.

See people, THIS is good basketball press. Actually, it is good press for the players of the game… I am still unconvinced that it says anything good about the sport itself…

What I like the best about this story? There is no need for religion to play any sort of role in either the gesture or the acceptance of the gesture. The team that threw the points did it because they felt it was right, because they wanted to… the end.

The end score of the game wasn’t the point. Who cares who won or lost? What people will remember is that people can replace feelings of competition with feelings of compassion.



Dianne said...

I read about this and found it inspiring, I was proud of the team that didn't take the points

Thom - - Dr. John said...

I've read the Bible a couple of times and I don't once remember reading, "And then the Lord dribbled and shot a three pointer at the end of regulation."

Kudos indeed for the players doing the right thing.

C. JoyBell C. said...

Don't fret...I had so much trouble leaving that comment on your blog, as well! So don't feel bad, your comment box hates me, too! Ha ha ha ha! the comment above me...LOL!

Mojo said...

In the game against Colorado Sunday afternoon Ray Whitney passed up what would have been an easy empty net goal by dishing to Matt Cullen so that Cully could get his first career hat trick. Immediately thereafter, The Wizard snared the puck out of the net to preserve for Cullen (who was playing in his 785th NHL game). The goal wasn't important to the outcome (the Canes won 5-2) but the gesture was applauded by everyone -- including the Avalanche. Further underscoring the point I made on the first basketball rant post:

Basketball would still be better if it was hockey.

JayRod said...

I have to agree with Mojo, hockey players are more classy than basketball, football, baseball, etc. players. Michael Jordan may have been one of the greatest athletes of all time, but I'd put my money on Wayne Gretsky being a nicer guy.